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Good morning lovely bookworms, have a I got a book to shout about today!

When Roger A. Price asked me if I’d be interested in reading his latest novel Nemesis, he intrigued me by promising a high body count (which we ALL love!!) and my god did he deliver on that promise!

Here’s the blurb . . .


The body count is rising…

When psychopath Daniel Moxley makes his escape while being escorted to Broadmoor high security prison, he sets off on a trail of bloody revenge, leaving police forces throughout the north of England floundering in his wake.

Moxley’s paranoia has him seemingly selecting victims at random. The only thing they have in common is the gruesome nature of their killings. Police, prison warders and even old ladies have been the target of Moxley’s cold-blooded murder spree.

When Detective Inspector Vinnie Palmer is assigned to the case, Moxley decides that he too must die, but not before he has led him from one blood-soaked scene to another. Among his victims is Vinnie’s offsider, Detective Constable Rob Hill, who he discovers has his own dark and destructive secret that rips Vinnie’s life apart.

With the help of Moxley’s psychiatrist, Vinnie delves deep into the man’s criminal past and uncovers a history of corrupt police, sexual coercion and gaol brutality. But when Vinnie closes in on Moxley and takes the law into his own hands, he ends up suspended and stripped of his police powers.

Determined not to let Moxley escape justice, Vinnie continues his pursuit of the maniac as a private citizen. He teams up with determined television reporter Christine Jones and together they pursue Moxley north to Scotland and back again. But the killer always seems to be one step ahead, leaving a trail mutilated bodies in his wake.

Lured on by Moxley’s taunts, Vinnie discovers that it is his own wife – a fellow police worker – who has been an unwitting aid in Moxley’s deadly deeds.

As a result, his suspension is lifted in time for him and Christine to gain full police support and finally confront Moxley in a terrifying final encounter.

But is it too late?

My thoughts . . .

Oh. My. God!!!!!

When Roger promised me a high body count, I can honestly admit that I was not expecting this!!!!

Nemesis is by far one of the most gruesome books I have read and I bloody (see what I did there?!) loved it!!!

We start with the torturous murder of a prison officer by an escaped prisoner and from there begins a brilliantly written game of cat and mouse. Moxley is the unhinged, sociopathic criminal on the run, leaving in his wake a trail of bodies and destruction for DI Vinnie Palmer and police forces across the North of England and Scotland at a loss as to who his next victim will be, or where they will find them.

I loved reading this one, it is clear that Roger is an ex-police officer, the procedural elements are so detailed, it’s almost like reading the actual police procedural book!

The short chapters helped to keep the pace of the book going but it made it damn hard to put the book down! ‘Just one more chapter’ turned into six more and then it was a case of ‘sod it! I’m reading till my eyes no longer work!!’ and I finished it in two sittings. Roger’s style of writing makes it very easy to read  and with a plot that isn’t so far fetched the story doesn’t ring true, it is very, very easy to get lost in his words.

I thoroughly enjoyed Nemesis and I will be adding Roger’s other two books, A New Menace and By Their Rules to my 2017 TBR pile!  And I am so looking forward to the next book in the series Vengeance, which is due out mid-March!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Nemesis is gritty, raw and intelligent, you really need to read it folks!!! Pop over to Amazon UK to get your copy now!!

Many thanks to Roger for my lovely copy, it is snuggled on my special book shelf!

About the author . . .


Roger A. Price is a crime fighter turned crime writer who spent more than thirty-one years in the police force. He served across the UK, Europe and the Far East before retiring as a detective inspector in charge of a covert undercover drugs unit that achieved national acclaim:

“I’ve spent over thirty years in the police retiring as a detective inspector in charge of a covert unit. I can’t write about those experiences, but I can base my fiction on them. Please check out my website:”



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