Testimonials and Reviews

Here you can find recommendations and reviews of my editorial and publicity work from a range of traditionally and self- published authors.


Emma recently proofread a short story for me at extremely short notice and was an absolute delight to work with. Expecting feedback on my grammar, which isn’t always on-point, I was delighted she also picked up an inconsistency with the story I hadn’t noticed. There was an aspect of the plot I wasn’t sure was working and Emma was also happy to give additional feedback. Her advice was not only helpful but extremely kind. Her gentleness is a great quality when it comes to working with often fraught and fragile writers.

 I’ve since booked Emma to work with me on a larger project and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.

Louise Jensen ~ Author of The Sister & The Gift


Emma is a pleasure to work with and very passionate about what she does. She proofread a short story for me, at short notice, and I’m grateful for her honest feedback.

Tara Lyons ~ Author of In The Shadows

29th September, 2016


Emma offers a professional service and is a pleasure to work with! Really, what more could you want?

Jim Ody ~ Author of Lost Connections and The Place That Never Existed

21st October, 2016


Emma is absolutely brilliant to work with. Communicative and approachable and the editing service she provided was second to none. Would highly recommend.

Billy McLaughlin ~ Author of In The Wake of Death

13th December, 2016


Great site, great service and great enthusiasm.

 Roger A. Price ~ Author of  A New Menace and Nemesis

2nd February 2017


I really appreciate your input and hard work, thank you so much!

C P Wilson ~ Author of Ice Cold Alice, Bloodhound Books

14th February 2017


As a debut novelist, Emma is the perfect editor. She kept me on track, helped steady my nerves and shaped my book in ways I hadn’t thought of. Without her encouragement and guidance there is no way my novel would be currently riding high in the rankings. I look forward to working with Emma on my next manuscript and think she is an absolute star!

Judith Baker ~ Author of Undercurrent, Bloodhound Books

16th February 2017


I knew straightaway I was in safe hands with Emma. She completely ‘got’ my characters, and uncovered a couple of inconsistencies in the plot as well as suggesting places I could expand or alter the text. Her ideas about the plot were great and together we created a much improved manuscript.

Linda Huber ~ Author of Baby Dear, Bloodhound Books

12th March 2017


Hi Emma! I just wanted to thank you once again for a brilliant Blog Tour. It has been wonderful. I think that the proof of it raising my profile is with the number of FREE downloads I’ve had for ‘Lost Connections’. Since 10 a.m. I’ve had well in excess of five-hundred downloads, which as someone who is self-published, is blowing me away. I’m even battling Owen Mullen for too spot in the charts!

I’ve had more exposure in the last three days than I have in the last six-months!

So a massive thank you, to you and all of the wonderful bloggers!

Jim Ody ~ Author of Lost Connections and The Place That Never Existed

19th March 2017


I am very impressed with Emma’s comments and improvements … absolutely superb job!

Every author would give their right arm for that standard of editing, your input was invaluable …

very professional, thorough and sharp

Conrad Jones ~ Author of Brick and Shadows, Bloodhound Books

30th March 2017