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#BookReview You Don’t Know Me by Imran Mahmood @imranmahmood777 @PenguinUKBooks @audibleuk @realadamdeacon #sleepstealer

You Don’t Know Me is one of the most thrilling legal thrillers I have ever read. It’s a gritty, realistic, heart stopping, thrill a minute ride that will have you hooked from the off with no choice but to put your life on hold until you’ve finished it, it’s a complete sleep stealer!

Before I share my full review, here’s the blurb …

Penguin (4 May 2017)

At the end of the day, only one question matters: did he do it?

‘A daring concept executed to perfection’ LEE CHILD

A young man stands accused of murder. The evidence is overwhelming.

But at his trial, this man tells an extraordinary story.

It is about the woman he loves, who got into terrible trouble. It’s about how he risked everything to save her.

He swears he’s innocent. But in the end, all that matters is this: do you believe him?

My thoughts … 

First, I received an ARC of this from the publisher but I actually bought it on Audible and listened to it in two days, I couldn’t stop! I was hooked from the off.

On the last day of his murder trial, the accused sacks his lawyer and decides to do his own closing speech.

In the sense of a typical legal drama, we don’t see the actual trial, we don’t have lawyers throwing evidence around the courtroom, we don’t have the usual tricks, jargon, or deception that the legal teams bring, oh no, we have a young man fighting for his life and deciding to take a chance on the truth.

Or is it?

Stood on trial for murder, the accused talks us through the evidence provided by both sides, he tells us he’s been advised not to tell his side and just trust what his legal team have done. But he thinks the jury need to hear everything, the truth, the whole, and nothing but the truth.

As the accused takes each piece of evidence and gives his justification for it, we are taken on a journey through his life in and around the drug gangs of London. We are shown a life through the eyes of a young man trying to keep his family safe and stay away from the trouble that is so easy for young people to fall into.

I think You Don’t Know Me is one of the most compelling reads of the year. Brilliantly written and utterly spellbinding. Using the defendant as the narrator, telling his story in a way only he can, sharing the twists ad turns that brought him to this point in his life … captivating!

I love Mahmood’s writing style, he gets inside the head of characters making them real and relatable, they could be anyone you walk past in the street.

It’s hard to talk about the plot on this one but rest assured, it is bloody brilliant and an absolute must read! I love everything about this book and I cannot wait to see what the author has in store for us in the future.

The Audible version is narrated by the talented Adam Deacon who brought the characters to life and whose voice held me captivated throughout.

Go and grab your copy now, you won’t regret it!

About the author …

Imran Mahmood is a criminal defence barrister with over 20 years’ experience in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal. He specializes in Legal Aid cases involving violent crimes as well as fraud and sexual offences. He was born in Liverpool and now lives in London with his wife and daughter. You Don’t Know Me has been chosen as a BBC Radio 2 Book Club Choice for 2017.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below :-)

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