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#GuestPost A J Waines: How being a Psychotherapist helped me write #thrillers @AJWaines @BloodhoundBook #CrimeWriter #CrimeFiction

I have the absolute pleasure of handing the blog over to crime thriller author, A J Waines today as she shares her path to becoming a crime thriller author.

How being a psychotherapist helped me write thrillers.

Before I became a writer, I worked for fifteen years as a psychotherapist, helping people to cope with emotional issues. Individuals usually came to me to ‘solve’ a particular problem – they’d tried everything and were stuck. Even though a therapist isn’t meant to ‘solve’ the issue, most clients secretly hope they will!

One of the reasons I became a psychotherapist was because I love puzzles, clues and problem-solving –the same  ingredients needed in a crime thriller. Being a therapist is a bit like being a Detective – a very ‘private’ one – I got to poke around inside people’s heads to see what they hid from others, how they thought and why they acted in certain ways.

Therapy is also about ‘stories’; it explores the limitations we put on ourselves with our personal narratives. In therapy, my role was to help patients to look at their concerns from a new angle, to find a different way for them to approach their ‘story’.

Therapy is also a lot about words. The words we use every day to describe ourselves. Calling yourself ‘quietly confident’, for example, instead of ‘chronically shy’ – can make a massive difference to your self-esteem. Our stories can be reframed and refreshed using a change of words, so we can believe in a better version of ourselves.

So, years before I thought of becoming an author, I was already fascinated by solving problems, finding clues, exploring stories and the words we use. My work also immersed me in the darker side of human nature – a world of shame, grudges, guilt, revenge, lies and family secrets – which just happens to be the same emotional terrain as psychological thrillers!  I came across anger, jealousy, possessiveness and greed – all of which had led to dire consequences in people’s lives. These were the themes I started with, when I wrote my first book, The Evil Beneath, back in 2013.

In my new book, Don’t You Dare, a mistake, then a misunderstanding leave a mother and daughter trapped in a terrible dilemma that will affect their lives forever. Neither of them plans to commit a crime, but something awful takes place that sends their lives spiralling out of control. Don’t You Dare also explores what happens when two people are forced to share a chilling secret and one of them loses their nerve. It’s the kind of situation that almost anyone could find themselves in! It’s a nail-biting ride and perfect for fans of Ruth Ware, C.L Taylor, and Clare Mackintosh!

Don’t You Dare is AJ Waines’ seventh thriller and will be published on Amazon, on May 8 by Bloodhound Books. You can find her books HERE. 

I cannot wait to get my hands on this one! Thank you so much for joining me today, Alison. What a great post!

Don’t You Dare is out on 8 May, here’s the blurb …

Bloodhound Books (8 May 2018)

Are you looking for a fast-paced and utterly compelling psychological thriller? Then you’ll love Don’t You Dare by #1 international best-selling author A J Waines.

What if your daughter becomes your enemy?

When barmaid, Rachel, discovers her soon-to-be-married daughter, Beth, pinned down by a stranger in the pub cellar, Rachel lashes out in panic and the intruder ends up dead. In desperation, Rachel convinces Beth they should cover up the crime and go ahead with the planned wedding in one month’s time.

Rachel, however, has her own reasons for not involving the police.

Hiding their dreadful secret is harder than they both imagined and as the big day approaches and the lies multiply, Beth becomes a liability. Rachel looks on in dismay at the hen party when, after too many drinks, Beth declares she’s about to make a special announcement. But before Beth can say a word she disappears…

When two people share a chilling secret can both hold their nerve?

Sounds great, doesn’t it?! Go and pre-order your copy now!!

About the author …

AJ Waines has sold over 450,000 books worldwide and topped the UK and Australian Kindle Charts in two consecutive years with her number one bestseller, Girl on a Train. Following fifteen years as a psychotherapist, she is now a full-time novelist with publishing deals in UK, France, Germany, Norway, Hungary and USA (audiobooks).

Her fourth psychological thriller, No Longer Safe, sold over 30,000 copies in the first month, in thirteen countries. AJ Waines has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and The Times and has been ranked a Top 10 UK author on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). She lives in Hampshire, UK, with her husband.

Find AJ Waines’ books here, visit her website and blog, or join her on Twitter, Facebook or get her Newsletter.

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