COVER REVEAL! The Watcher by Lisa Sell is out soon, and I’m delighted to be sharing the cover with you all today! @LisaLisax31 @RedDragonBooks @ConradJones #TheWatcher #booktwt #bookstagram

I’m over the moon to be the cover of Lisa Sell’s first psychological thriller to be published by Red Dragon Publishing, The Watcher.

First, here’s the blurb…

The Watcher is a psychological thriller that will keep you hooked from the first page until the last…

What the reviewers are saying about The Watcher:


If you’re looking for something to keep you gripped, read this.


I have never read a book by this author, but I will definitely read more.


Such an intense, chilling, and spooky novel.


The plotline is superb, and the characters are brilliant and really help carry the story forward.


It had me captivated until the end. An easy, fast-paced read.

Harmony House has a voyeur. Someone with hidden cameras throughout the building. The residents are unaware they’re being watched, especially the ones up to no good.

I spy with my little eye; someone is going to die…

I ADORE this!

It’s sooooo creepy!

The Watcher will be published on April 20th but is available to pre-order now: http://mybook.to/LisaSellTheWatcher

Trust me… You do not want to miss this one!

About the author…

Lisa Sell is a thriller, crime, and mystery author. She is an avid reader with a to-be-read tower rather than a pile.

Music rocks Lisa’s world too, particularly a good eighties tune. If lost, you’ll find her in a DeLorean, headed for her favourite decade.

Lisa’s cats try to help her write but often fail. The furry pests demand attention and desk space. Lisa is currently applying for cat wrangling to be recognised as an Olympic sport.

Find out more about Lisa and her books in the following places:

Website: http://www.lisasell.co.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lisasellwriter

Twitter: @LisaLisax31

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lisasellwriter/

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below :-)

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