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My kids ADORE Mr Broccoli 🥦 and Jacob! #MrBroccoli #VeggieAdventures is a super story and I’m delighted to be sharing Logan’s review for the blog tour today @Tasharosemills @RandomTTours #blogtour #broccoli

Mr Broccoli has become and instant favourite with the kids in my house! We’ve read it about sixty-billion times!

Such a sweet and gorgeous book, my little bookworms ADORE it!

I’m delighted to be sharing my review today.

Here’s the blurb…  


Mr Broccoli is the tale of a young boy Jacob who feeling sad and fed up. Through discovering the health benefits of eating his greens he becomes stronger and more confident. Anti-bullying is an important theme in this story to help children learn to respect others and feel more confident in themselves.

Mr Broccoli a SUPERHERO vegetable who already has that confidence and later becomes role model to Jacob.

Logan’s thoughts…

I think this book is amazing because a little boy is being bullied but then Mr Broccoli to eat broccoli to make him stronger, so Jacob did and he was able to show off his new skill sin front of the bullies and wow’d them all. I love broccoli too. I liked that the bullies are shown they aren’t always the best.

The pictures are cool, too!

My thoughts…

This is a sweet and educational book suitable for all ages. I liked the story in terms of encouraging children to build body confidence and to stand up to bullies.

It’s easy to read, keeps the children entertained, and also includes some lovely facts about healthy eating which the children are loving and taking notice of!

A great book that you should grab a copy of now!

Mr Broccoli: 1 (Veggie Adventures): Amazon.co.uk: Mills, Miss Natasha Rose, Bashford, Kyle: 9781913713072: Books

Huge thanks to the author and Anne cater at Random Things Tours for my place on the tour. Make sure you check out the other reviews:


One thought on “My kids ADORE Mr Broccoli 🥦 and Jacob! #MrBroccoli #VeggieAdventures is a super story and I’m delighted to be sharing Logan’s review for the blog tour today @Tasharosemills @RandomTTours #blogtour #broccoli

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