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Rabette Run by Nick Rippington is the sort of book that you ‘watch’ while reading… it’s just like a film and is utterly brilliant! Here’s my #blogtour review @nickripp @BOTBSPublicity

I bloody loved this book… seriously, bookworms, you need to get involved!

Before I share my blog tour review, here’s the blurb…

EMERSON RABETTE sets off for the office blissfully unaware he is poised to become the central figure in a high-octane game of international espionage.

The middle-aged father-of-one’s main concern is arriving on time for an important business meeting in which he must fight to keep his job as graphic designer on lads’ mag Boys and Their Toys.

Unfortunately due to a road traffic accident entirely out of his control Emerson must also confront his biggest fear – travelling on London’s underground.

Soon, stress brings on his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and his strange behaviour makes fellow passengers irate. Thankfully, young model Winter appears like a guardian angel and ensures Emerson catches his train.

But if she thinks her job is done, she couldn’t be further from the truth. For Emerson suspects he is being watched and his paranoia is about to kick into overdrive.

When he catches sight of three words scrawled on the roof of his carriage, it pushes him over the edge and sends both their lives spinning out of control.

The message simply reads : ‘Run Rabette Run’

My thoughts…

I fell in love with Emerson Rabette immediately.

He is one of those characters you cannot help but feel for from the off… and not only do you feel for him, you relate to him. He is every man. Every normal man and I really did adore him. He is your average Joe… husband, father, employee. His life has taken some really nasty and devastating turns over the last few years but he is getting back on track. He is. Until he has to get on the Tube.

Then that’s it. Nothing will ever be the same again. Ever.

Rabette Run is one of the most bizarre and brilliant and most amazing books I’ve ever read. As one reviewer said, it’s like Alice in Wonderland with tanks and guns!

It’s exciting, thrilling, and more than a little disturbing.

And my god it’s one of the best books I’ve read! Not only was I taken on a twisted rollercoaster, the emotions the author has managed to pour into each and every page is beyond wonderful. I had all the feels… ALL OF THEM!

I can’t say much more about this one as it would be so easy to get right into the plot and never stop talking about it… but please trust me… you NEED to read it!

My hugest of thanks to the author and Sarah over at Book on the Bright Side for inviting me on to the tour.

Bookworms, go and get your copy of Rabette Run, now… it’s only 99p until Tuesday 14 April 2020.


About the author…

Nick Rippington is an award-winning author of crime and psychological thrillers.
Based in London, UK, he was the last-ever Welsh Sports Editor of the now defunct News of The World and wrote his debut novel Crossing The Whitewash after being made redundant with just two days notice when Rupert Murdoch closed down Europe’s biggest-selling tabloid in 2011.
The book received an honourable mention in the genre category of the Writers’ Digest self-published eBook awards, judges describing it as “evocative, unique, unfailingly precise and often humorous”.
Follow-up novel Spark Out, a prequel set at the time of Margaret Thatcher and the Falklands War, received a Chill With A Book reader award and an IndieBRAG medallion from a prestigious website dedicated to Independent publishers and writers throughout the world. It was also awarded best cover of 2017 with Chill With A Book.
The third book in the Boxer Boys series Dying Seconds, a sequel to Crossing The Whitewash, was released in December 2018.
Nick later released The Boxer Boys Collection containing all three books in digital format and has just completed his fourth novel, a standalone psychological thriller called Rabette Run.
Married to Liz, Nick is now a full-time back bench designer on the Daily Star and has two children – Jemma, 37, and Olivia, 9. A Bristolian at heart, he lives near Ilford, Essex.

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