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#BlogTour Logan is reviewing The Helping Hands Series by Sarah, Duchess of York @annecater #RandomThingsTours #HelpingHandStories #ChildrensBooks

It’s Logan’s turn to share his thoughts on a book today! Well, three in fact. The Helping Hands Series by Sarah, Duchess of York

Before we share his thoughts, here are the blurbs…

Daisy gets bored in a supermarket and wanders off from her Mummy. When she realises she is amongst strangers, she feels very alone and frightened but luckily finds a security guard who soon reunites her with her Mummy. Learning about strangers is a difficult but vital lesson for young children. Daisy’s experience in the supermarket teaches her a valuable lesson.

A small child’s first day at school is a big step forward for both child and parents. For Holly, her worries about not being with her Mummy are soon forgotten as she meets new friends and starts to learn new things.

James is small for his age and some of the older boys at school have taken to pushing him around. At first, James tells no-one as he thinks it is his fault but finally he decides to tell his Mum and together they set about solving the problem. Bullying is one of the most difficult issues children and their parents have to face. James and his Mum show how it can be tackled and overcome.

Our thoughts…

First of all, we loved how these books are set out. They are easy to read and the pictures are lovely. You can click on the images above to go buy your copies now!

What we loved most about them thought is that they talk about things most children go through. And most parents for that matter. But they’re discussed in a way that is easy for children to understand. Holly’s First Day at School brought back so many memories for us and led to a conversation about hos Logan remembers that day. When he walked into class, he was greeted by lots of children he already knew and he wandered off, after a quick kiss and cuddle, and I snuck out of the building. What I didn’t know was that about five minutes later, he came looking for me and, although he never said at the time, he told me that he was terrified and thought I’d be staying there all day. He loved it though, and we both think this book is a wonderful portrayal of that milestone.

James and the Bullies was a hard read for us. Logan was relentlessly bullied for eighteen months, and the school did nothing to help us. They brushed it under the carpet and almost blamed Logan for the way he was being treat. He actually said after we read this that he wished his teachers would read it so they could learn how to help children who were being bullied properly. That broke my heart a little.

Daisy Learns About Strangers is another which every parent will resonate with. Your child wandering off in a public place is everyone’s biggest nightmare and this one helps children learn what they should do if that happens to them.

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed these stories.They’re easy to read, easy to understand, that language is age appropriate, and the meaning behind them is easy to understand.

We’d definitely recommend these to young children, and their parents!

Huge thanks for having us on the blog tour, Anne, at Random Things Tours. We loved reading these stories together.

Bookworms, make sure you keep up with the other bloggers sharing their thoughts…


About the author…

thumbnail_Sarah Duchess photo

The Duchess of York is a global humanitarian, businesswoman, best selling children’s book author, producer and wellness advocate. The Duchess is widely admired for her “comeback spirit” and for overcoming formidable obstacles to succeed as a good mother who has worked hard to support her children, a survivor, businesswoman and humanitarian.

In 1993 she founded Children in Crisis (www.childrenincrisis.org.uk) and the charity has educated over 1.4 million children, trained over 18,000 teachers, built 57 schools and supports hundreds of schools on a yearly basis. Recently CIC merged with Street Child and The Duchess is Founder Patron, remaining active in its mission to provide education to forgotten children around the world. She has recently returned from visiting Street Child’s projects in Nepal and Sierra Leone, supporting the most marginalised into education and out of bonded labour.

The Duchess has published over 52 books including two autobiographies and titles dealing with health, empowerment, history, art, as well as children’s stories. Her children’s books include the series of ‘Budgie the Little Helicopter’, adapted into a highly successful animated series on US primetime Fox and her children’s book ‘Tea for Ruby’, published by Simon and Schuster had it’s debut at the top of the New York Times bestseller list. The subject of countless media interviews herself, The Duchess has also found success as a reporter and presenter.

In America, she has been a special correspondent for NBC’s Today show and has presented specials and documentaries on ABC, FOX, and CNN. In Britain, she has presented and coproduced specials for ITV, BBC, and Sky TV. She has served as guest editor on BBC Radio 4 Today programme and has regularly contributed to BBC Radio 2’s primetime lifestyle show “Steve Wright”. She conceived the film, and produced alongside Martin Scorsese, ‘The Young Victoria’, a period romance based on the early life of Queen Victoria starring Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend and scripted by Julian Fellowes. She has written two books on the subject, ‘Travels with Queen Victoria’ and ‘Victoria and Albert: Family Life at Osborne House’. The Young Victoria was released in the US, UK, Australia, France amongst other territories and it was the closing film at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2009.

She devotes much of her time to promoting wellness and children’s causes. The ‘Helping Hand’ series of books is designed to introduce children to the issues they all confront as they grow old, through storytelling and to support their parents with advice provided by a leading child psychologist. For 10 years she was the highly successful US spokesperson for Weight Watchers International where she distinguished herself as a wellness advocate and a spokesperson for the American Heart Association. She has recently been asked to lead a campaign highlighting women and heart disease by The British
Heart Foundation. She is a passionate supporter of a number of charities including The Teenage Cancer Trust and Teen Cancer America, Julia’s House, The British Heart Foundation and The Children’s Air Ambulance. She also champions Key to Freedom, a business structure initiative set up to support the Women’s Interlink Foundation (WIF) by giving vulnerable young women a platform to sell their products. WIF works across West Bengal, India, helping these women develop skills to earn an income. She has just
returned from a visit to The Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation Hospital (BASR) where, as Patron, she is spearheading a campaign to establish a cardiology department to include a heart attack centre and rehabilitation.

4 thoughts on “#BlogTour Logan is reviewing The Helping Hands Series by Sarah, Duchess of York @annecater #RandomThingsTours #HelpingHandStories #ChildrensBooks

  1. Sorry to hear that Logan was bullied. I hope it has stopped now. The book sounds like it would be really helpful for kids, parents and teachers. Thanks for sharing the review!


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