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A cracking thriller for kids! Murder at Twilight by Fleur Hitchcock is now a firm fav at #BookwormHQ! Here’s our #BlogTour #Review @FleurHitchcock @MorecambeVice @BOTBSPublicity

I’m so grateful to Morecambe & Vice and Sarah over at Book on the Bright Side Publicity for introducing my daughter and me to Fleur Hitchcock’s books!

My eleven-year-old has been watching me read crime thrillers for years and has picked up my books on many occasions … until she was old enough to understand them and I had to stop her! But she has a love of crime fiction and to have age-appropriate crime mysteries available for her is wonderful!

As part of the blog tour today, Grace is sharing her thoughts on Murder at Twilight which is a fantastic book for children at that in-between age … no longer reading Biff and Chip but still too young for a typical YA novel.

Here’s the blurb …

When Viv has a fight with Noah, she doesn’t think it’ll be the last time she sees him. But when she gets back from school, he’s nowhere to be found and there are police cars everywhere, lights flashing and sirens blaring.

Viv is sure Noah’s run away to get attention. But it’s really cold, and getting dark, and the rain just won’t stop falling. So she sets off to look for him, furious at his selfishness, as the floodwaters rise. And then she finds him, and realises that a much more dangerous story is unfolding around them…

Grace’s thoughts …

I was allowed to choose any of Fleur’s books to review and I chose this one because I liked the cover and it’s about murder!

I have a little brother who is really annoying so at first I could understand why Viv would want Noah out of her life. He’s really spoilt and thinks he’s better than everyone and does her head in. But she didn’t actually get rid of him so it was scary for her when he went missing. I was glad that he wasn’t actually dead. But then what happens was brilliant and scary!

I liked that the author didn’t use too many silly words – sometimes I don’t understand the words and that spoils a story but it doesn’t happen with this book.

Viv is a good character. She is kinda like me and my mates because we all have little brothers and sisters who are annoying but if something happened to them, like if they’re getting bullied or something, we’d all help them and sort it out … so even though Noah isn’t Viv’s brother, when something happens to him, she has to help out cause she’s good.

I liked how fast it was and when I was on the coach (Grace took this on her residential trip to London) reading it, the time went really fast! When my mum says a book is twisted, I didn’t really understand what she meant, but now I do. Sometimes you think this, then you think that, and then something else happens … I really loved it!

Thank you for my copy, Fleur, I really enjoyed it and have asked for some more of your books!

My thoughts … 

Grace has really said it all with her review, thank you, Grace!

As she is now a free reader I didn’t get to read the whole book with Grace. What I did read though was brilliant and I enjoyed it. It’s a testament to the author that Grace took it on her last residential school trip with her, and actually read it while she was away as she was so hooked she wanted to know what happened.

I will certainly be getting her more books by Hitchcock, it was a pleasure to see my daughter so engrossed in her first crime thriller. Reminded me of myself when I was reading my first Nancy Drew book.

This is perfect book for the little bookworms in your life! Go and grab your copy now!

About the author … 

Born in Chobham and raised outside Winchester, Fleur Hitchcock grew up as the youngest child of three. She spent her smallest years reading Tintin and Batman, and searching for King Alfred’s treasure. She grew up a little, went away to school near Farnham, studied English in Wales, and, for the next twenty years, sold Applied Art in the city of Bath. When her younger child was seven, she embarked on the Writing for Young People MA at Bath Spa and graduated with a distinction. Now living outside Bath, between parenting and writing, Fleur works with her husband, a toymaker, looks after other people’s gardens and tries to grow vegetables.

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