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Happy publication day, Dana!

I’m delighted to welcome Dana Mason to my blog today to kick off the blog tour for her latest book, Accidental Lies. She’s shining the spotlight on her latest main character …

Dana, please introduce the character in terms of job, relationships, family etc. …

Drew Whitney is a master carpenter. He studied architecture in school and now runs his own construction/building company. He started the company with his wife after they were married. Unfortunately, before they were able to reach the peak of success, his wife died.

He’s now a widower raising their two kids alone. He’s close with his mother and his sister, who live nearby and help with the kids. It takes a village to raise a family, and thankfully, Drew has that.

Drew doesn’t have much success with dating. He finds most women don’t want to get involved with a single dad—even though his kids are amazing. Usually, he tells women about his children before a second date is planned, so he goes out on a lot of first dates only. This has made him a little leery of dating. He wants to be in a relationship, but he doesn’t want to compromise his values for it… until he meets Emily.

When did you create him?

This is hard to say. Drew lingered in my mind as I wrote the first book in the Accidental Love Series. I didn’t actually start working on his bio until I started writing Accidental Lies, but by then, I knew nearly everything there was to know about him, I just didn’t have it in writing.

Did you write the book to accommodate Drew or Drew to accommodate the book?

A little of both. I always knew book two would be Emily’s story. I wasn’t completely sure what she needed in a hero until I began writing. But, in truth, my characters write themselves. Once they’re created, I just follow their lead. For this book, I followed both Drew and Emily through the process. It sounds weird but that’s how I write. I need strong character voices, otherwise I struggle to write the story.

What do you like most about him?

I love how much Drew loves his children. I love how hard he works to keep his family together. Mostly, I love his vulnerability and how he’s so willing to show his emotions—love—anger—despair. He’s usually an honest and open guy. He always tries to be positive about life even though he’s lost his wife and I admire that.

What do you like least about him?

I don’t like that he lied, even though he had a good reason for it. In the end, it nearly costs him his HEA. It goes against his character but he felt backed into a corner and didn’t think he had a choice.

Did your early readers/editorial team like him to start with or did you have to change him in any way?

My editorial team has always been in love with Drew. People tend to always like my male characters. It’s warming up to my female characters that gives people trouble. I feel there’s a double standard in romance. Readers are willing to put up with nearly anything from male characters, but they’re not willing to put up with much from female characters. Woman are multifaceted creatures in real life, but they’re not allowed many faults in romance novels. I try to write my characters as close to real life as I can, including the women, and so, sometimes they’re not immediately liked.

Does he have any similarities with anyone real?

All of my characters have a little bit of me in them. I believe Drew’s temperament is very similar to mine. I don’t get mad very easily, but when I do, I go from zero to a hundred very quickly. So does Drew, as shown at the end of the book. He’s a patient person, but as a single parent, he needs to be. He doesn’t lose his temper often but when he does, he has trouble holding back.

What are your plans for him?

Drew has already gotten his HEA, so I don’t have much more planned for him. He may appear in future Accidental Love Series books, but he may not. However, I will likely add little tidbits about him to my Dana Mason Reader’s Group on Facebook.

Would you be friends in real life?

Absolutely! Our kids would be friends too. Drew is super down to earth. He’s a regular guy, very likable, and very approachable. He’s a baseball fan too, and that’s important to me.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share Drew Whitney with you. I hope you and your readers love him as much as I do.

Thank you, Dana for sharing him with us! I desperately want to know what happens to Drew and Emily so I’m off to add this to my TBR! Huge thanks to Kim and the Bookouture team for my tour invite.

Bookworms, want to know more? Here’s the blurb … 

Bookouture (7 Aug. 2019)

A blissful week on the beautiful island of Maui is exactly what I need…
I haven’t got away in years.
Not since the tragedy that’s overshadowed my life.
Not since my heart cracked into two.
But when I finally take the plunge, what happens?
I get locked out of my hotel room.

The first person I lay eyes on is a golden-eyed guy who’s all kinds of rugged.
Rugged in a dirty-sex kind of way.
The best kind.
Chocolate-brown hair, sun-kissed skin, a sexy dimpled smile.
A built body that I want to run my hands all over.
And that takes me by surprise.
He’s the first man that’s caught my eye in a long, long time.
I’ve never been able to get past the pain that haunts me.
But this man makes me think I might be able to forget.

Four cocktails later, our chemistry is hotter than the Hawaiian sun.
We’re pressed against each other in an elevator.
Soaking wet after being caught in a tropical storm.
I’m moaning in his arms, hands fisting his hair.
Then we spend the rest of our vacation unwinding and undressing…

We have just two rules:
No talking about our lives back home, and this is just a fling.
That means I can’t tell him about the heartbreak I fight every single day.
I can’t reveal my secret.
But when the sun sets on our trip, can we bring ourselves to say goodbye?
I have a feeling he’ll be tempted to break the rules.
The question is, after years of shielding my heart, will I be able to let him in?
And even if I do, will I want him when I find out who he really is?

This is a full-length, standalone romance with some hot-under-the-collar action, no cheating and a guaranteed HEA. For fans of R.S Grey, Whitney G. and Vi Keeland, Accidental Lies features a hot AF alpha and a sizzling will-they-won’t-they love story that will have you totally addicted!

About the author … 

Dana Mason started writing about ten years ago after being overwhelmed by a story that wouldn’t let her sleep until she wrote it down. The story, Dangerous Embrace, was published in 2012 and won Best Mystery/Suspense from eFestival of Words Best of Independent eBook Awards in 2014. Dangerous Embrace is the first book in her Embrace Series. The second book in the series, Precious Embrace, was Runner-Up for Best Hero from eFestival of Words Best of Independent eBook Awards that same year. Her third book, Broken Embrace, was awarded Best Indie Book in 2015 in the Romance Category.
Dana loves turning your worst nightmares into happy endings. She lives in Northern California with her husband, children, and her writing companion and mighty protector, Mia the Chihuahua.
Where to find Dana:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danamasonromance/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/danamason06
Website: http://danamasonromance.com/

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  1. Interesting comparison about reader’s reaction to the faults of male versus female protagonists. It’s something I’ve never considered before, but I believe Dana is right, (even if I’m guilty of it myself.) 😀


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