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I’m joined by author Sally Rigby today as she shines the spotlight on one of her lead female characters #DeadlyGames @SallyRigby4 #CavendishAndWalker #CrimeFiction

I am delighted to be joined by Sally Rigby today as she introduces us to on of her main female characters from her brilliant Cavendish and Walker crime fiction series.

Good morning, Sally! Please introduce the character in terms of job, relationships, family etc. …

DCI Whitney Walker, aged 38, is a single parent. She has a daughter aged 20, who is studying at university, and a widowed mother who looks after Whitney’s younger brother who has learning difficulties following an attack on him as a teenager, which left him brain damaged. The inability/inefficiency of the police to solve the crime was what pushed her into wanting to become a police officer. It was hard because she became pregnant at 17, but she was determined not let anything get in her way.

When did you create her?

Last year.

Did you write the book to accommodate the character or the character to accommodate the book?

The character accommodated the idea I had for a serial killer book.

What do you like most about her?

She wears her heart on her sleeve, she says it how she sees it, she’s determined, strong.

What do you like least about her?

She thinks she knows best about everything.

Did your early readers/editorial team like Whitney to start with or did you have to change her in any way?

She was a bit ‘moany’ initially. I changed that.

Does she have any similarities with anyone real?

Lots of people.

What are your plans for her?

She becomes close friends with George, even though they’re very different. They soften each other’s awkward side. They successfully solve cases together.

Would you be friends in real life?


In this book, Deadly Games, she meets Dr Georgina Cavendish, a forensic psychologist, who is totally opposite in background – George went boarding school, and is ‘posh’. They clash. Both are strong women. They form an uneasy alliance, which turns into something more at the end of the book (can’t say what, as spoiler alert!)

Well, as you know, I adore Whitney!

As Sally’s editor, I have seen how both ladies have grown from the first draft of book one to the third instalment … which is out soon … and they are a great team and bring something different and special to the crime fiction world.

Deadly Games is the first book in the series, want to know more? Here’s the blurb …

A killer is playing cat and mouse……. and winning.

DCI Whitney Walker’s in trouble. She’s threatened with demotion if she screws up another case. So, when a killer starts murdering female students, it’s a chance to redeem herself.

Forensic psychologist, Dr Georgina Cavendish, has spent her life inside the university walls, but when one of her students is murdered, she steps out from behind the text books and puts her skills to the test.

The two headstrong women join forces to stop the killer. But sparks fly when real world policing meets academic theory, and it’s not a pretty sight.

Deadly Games is the first book in the Cavendish and Walker crime fiction series. If you like serial killer mysteries and psychological intrigue, then you’ll love Sally Rigby’s page turning book. Pick up your copy today.

What readers are saying about Deadly Games:

‘A fantastic plot that really keeps you on the edge of your seat with pages that just can’t turn fast enough!’  Goodreads reviewer, 5 star

‘Deadly Games is a great opening to a new series by Sally Rigby. I absolutely loved this book.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 star

‘Can’t wait for another book with these two, I’m hooked!’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 star

‘It was great to see a story focused on female lead characters and their developing professional relationship.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 star

‘Lots of suspense, this book keeps you wanting to turn the page. Could not put it down. What an ending!’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 star

‘The storyline was gripping… a brilliant series.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 star

About the author … 

Sally Rigby was born in Northampton, in the UK. She has always had the travel bug, and after living in both Manchester and London, eventually moved overseas. From 2001 she has lived with her family in New Zealand, which she considers to be the most beautiful place in the world. During this time she also lived for five years in Australia. Sally has always loved crime fiction books, films and TV programmes, and has a particular fascination with the psychology of serial killers.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below :-)

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