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I didn’t let out a breath during the first chapter of @CrimeThrillerGirl’s sensational #YouDieNext and the tension didn’t let up until the last page! I’m kicking off the #blogtour for this belter today. Check out my #review @trapezebooks @Orion_Crime #SleepStealer #CrimeFiction

Clementine Starke and Dominic Bell are back in Stephanie Marland’s explosive follow up to My Little Eye and you can read my review of that here. You Die Next is one hell of a read, bookworms!

First, here’s the blurb … 

Trapeze (4 April 2019)

You can run – but you can’t hide…

When a group of urban explorers stumble across a murderer’s kill room in a derelict film studio, terror strikes. And when one of the group is found dead, the team realise – they’re being hunted.

DI Dominic Bell is investigating the murder, but as the body count rises, time is running out. The only person who can help him is a figure from his past, Clementine Starke – but Clementine is haunted by her own demons. Can the two of them pair up to catch the killer? Or is it already too late?

A cat-and-mouse thriller perfect for fans of Sarah Hilary and Rachel Abbott. Read it if you dare!

My thoughts … 

Well, where do I start with this one?

You Die Next had my heart pounding from the start and the thrills and pace didn’t let up from the first page to the last.

In My Little Eye we met Clementine Starke, a reclusive computer whizz with an obsession with true crime. She turned this obsession to good use and along with a team of like-minded folk online she worked on catching a killer in real time instead of looking at historical cases.

Dominic Bell is the police officer she helped with the case and a friendship of sorts was formed.

Now, a few months after the case was closed, Starke is no longer the recluse she used to be, and Bell is embroiled in a personal mess that looks like it’s not going to end well.

During her PhD research, Starke is introduced to a team of urban explorers. A group of anonymous adrenaline junkies who explore derelict locations around the country.

Unknown to Starke, Bell is investigating the murders of some seemingly unconnected people across London.

Are they linked?


What a stonker this is. I loved seeing where Starke has come since her last outing. She is a wonderful character. Wounded and jaded by her father’s death many years ago, she is finally getting her life back on track. She no longer lives a life of online solitude and is braving the outside world.

Bell, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have come through their last case in the best light. He has some serious personal issues going on which are threatening to bring him down and ruin his life.

As the body count rises, Starke tries to get in touch with Bell to offer her assistance, but he isn’t interested in her help this time. He doesn’t fully trust her and to be honest, why would a senior police officer want a reclusive student showing him up again in his hunt for a killer?

Marland is a fan-frigging-tastic author. The way she manages to pull you onto the pages of her books is utterly fascinating. As I already said, my heart was pounding the whole way through this one. From the very first page the tension pours off the pages and gets inside your head in such a way I actually felt like I was in the building with the urban explorers … I was seeing, feeling, smelling, and hearing everything they did … I felt their fear, their terror … I was right there with them and that feeling didn’t stop the whole way through the book.

I can’t say much more about the plot for obvious reasons but trust me when I say you DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!

For those of who may not already know, Marland is the pen name of Stephanie Broadribb who also writes a series for Orenda Books and I have to say, her writing just gets better and better with each book she publishes. These two publishers are so lucky to have her on their lists!

Her plots are slick and scary, her words perfect and captivating, her characters evil and endearing … Marland gives her readers everything and boy does it make for some amazing books!

Completely enthralling, You Die Next is twisted, brave, and beyond comparison.

Marland has knocked it out of the park AGAIN!

Huge thanks to the author and the team at Trapeze Books for my spot on the tour and my review copy of the book – I bloody love it!

Bookworms, this blog tour has an amazing line up – make sure you follow the rest of it:

Now go and get your copy of the book, trust me, you will not regret it!


About the author … 

Stephanie Marland

Stephanie Marland has worked in the University sector for over ten years and published research on how people interact and learn together in virtual environments online. She’s an alumni of the MA in Creative Writing (Crime Fiction) at City University London, and an avid reader of all things crime fiction, blogging about books at http://www.crimethrillergirl.com. Steph also writes the Lori Anderson action thriller series (as Steph Broadribb) for Orenda Books.

One thought on “I didn’t let out a breath during the first chapter of @CrimeThrillerGirl’s sensational #YouDieNext and the tension didn’t let up until the last page! I’m kicking off the #blogtour for this belter today. Check out my #review @trapezebooks @Orion_Crime #SleepStealer #CrimeFiction

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