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#Blogtour Betty Church and the Suffolk Vampire by M.R.C Kasasian @MRCKASASIAN @HoZ_Books

I am delighted to share with you all an extract from Betty Church and the Suffolk Vampire today!

First, here’s the blurb …

Brilliant new series from the author of The Mangle Street Murders, perfect for readers of Agatha Christie, Jasper Fforde and M.C. Beaton.

September 1939.

A new day dawns in Sackwater, not that this sleepy backwater is taking much notice…

Inspector Betty Church – one of the few female officers on the force – has arrived from London to fill a vacancy at Sackwater police station. But Betty isn’t new here. This is the place she grew up. The place she thought she’d left behind for good.

Time ticks slowly in Sackwater, and crime is of a decidedly lighter shade. Having solved the case of the missing buttons, Betty’s called to the train station to investigate a missing bench. But though there’s no bench, there is a body. A smartly dressed man, murdered in broad daylight, with two distinctive puncture wounds in his throat.

While the locals gossip about the Suffolk Vampire, Betty Church readies herself to hunt a dangerous killer.

The extract … 

Sackwater Central Police Station was its only police station but they liked to sound like they were in the hub of things. It was a nice old red-brick two-storey building when I first knew it, but now the long once-white sash windows were so far off-white that they might have been smeared with butter, while the central blue-painted door looked like it had withstood a raid by its own officers but only just. The whole building was set back behind a paved area that was turning into a rather fine bowling green. 

I took a deep breath, tidied my hair under my brown tilt hat and went in.

The lobby was dark, with all the solid wood shutters closed, except a small frosted rectangular pane of glass at the side, and with no lights on, it took a minute for my eyes to make out anything much. The place was deserted – not an officer to be seen at the desk nor a suspect fidgeting on one of the three benches arranged in rows facing it like backless pews before a pulpit.

The walls – as far as I could judge with the sun streaming in from behind me – were daubed in something like curdled coffee and the floor covered in worn umber lino, coming to a peak in the middle where the edges of two rolls met.

A butterfly escaped over my shoulder.

‘Hello,’ I called quietly. It seemed disrespectful to disturb the stillness and I still remembered the first time I had gone in there to be given a ticking-off for stealing a helmet, although I was only trying it on for size.

The butterfly flew back in.

I went to the desk. It was one of those tall public bar-type structures fronting a lower work surface. There was a door ajar behind and a passageway either side of the desk leading to the back of the building.

I leaned over to check the register and it was then and there that I saw the corpse.


How great does that sound?

Want to know more? Go and grab your copy now over at:

About the author … 

MRC Kasasian describes himself as an Anglo-Armenian Irishmen. Born on an RAF camp where his father was a Squadron Leader, Martin was raised in Parbold, Lancashire. After drifting through a succession careers as varied as factory hand, wine waiter, veterinary assistant, fish fryer and fairground worker he went to study dentistry at UCH London.
On quitting General Practice, Martin began his ‘Gower Street Detective’ series with ‘The Mangle Street Murders’ based on the journals of March Middleton, a young Victorian woman who became assistant to her guardian, the famous Personal Detective, Sidney Grice at No 125 Gower Street (since converted into the Medical School Hostel where Martin lived as a student).
Having completed the fifth book, ‘Dark Dawn Over Steep House’, Martin has launched a new series based on the memoirs of Inspector Betty Church and set in the almost-forgotten East Anglian resort of Sackwater during the Second World War. ‘Betty Church and the Suffolk Vampire’ the first of that series is out in July 2018.
Martin divides his time with his wife Tiggy between England and Malta. His interests, when he is not writing, focus mainly on painting portraits and demolishing garden sheds. He specialises in falling asleep in company and enjoys being grumpy on Twitter @MRCKasasian.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below :-)

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