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I’m delighted to be on the blog tour for Escape to the Country by Alison Sherlock and the author herself joins me to shine the spotlight on one of her characters, but first, here’s the blurb …

Escape to the Country: A perfect feel-good read to escape with.: A perfect feel-good read to escape with. (Welcome to Willow Tree Hall) by [Sherlock, Alison]

Aria (1 May 2018)

Everyone is running away from something – but will an escape to the countryside suit everyone? Full of warmth, laughter tears and heartache. Perfect for the fans Jill Mansell and Carole Matthews.

Journalist Eleanor McCartney leads a glamorous life in London exposing the sordid secrets of famous celebrities for Hot Gossip! magazine. But her perfect life is a sham. So when her world collapses, she has to reluctantly head home to her mum and friends in the quiet country village of Cranley.

Willow Tree Hall is still in the midst of extensive renovations under the careful eye of Eleanor’s best friend Annie and her fiancé, record producer and future Earl of Cranley, Sam Harris.

With a recording studio now in the grounds of the estate, it should be the perfect place for global singing sensation Tom Kingsley to hang out. But Tom is burnt out after a gruelling worldwide tour and is escaping the paparazzi after yet another scandal. Eleanor cannot believe her luck. A story on the world’s biggest superstar would be the ticket that gets her job and glamorous life back in London.

But soon both Eleanor and Tom begin to fall under the spell of Willow Tree Hall. Eleanor begins to wonder whether she can really betray his trust. And does she really want her old life back or is home really where the heart lies?

As a heatwave soars, friendships are made, truths are told and, with the help of a stray dog, perhaps love can be found as hearts are healed. By escaping to the country, maybe Eleanor and Tom have found their new beginning.

Hi Alison, thank you so much for joining me, can you please introduce my readers to your character …

Eleanor McCartney was born and raised in the tiny hamlet of Cranley but has been living in London for the past ten years. She’s a journalist for a celebrity gossip magazine and has a boyfriend who works in the city. But all that’s about to change when she is forced to head back to Cranley where her friends and mum still live. Eleanor is very glamorous and used to the parties and social whirl of London so living full-time in rural, quiet Cranley is a bit of a shock for her!

When did you create Eleanor?

Eleanor popped into my head when I was writing the first book in the Willow Tree Hall series. Although she was a secondary character as one of Annie’s best friends, I wanted to know why she had remained in London when the village was so lovely!

Did you write the book to accommodate Eleanor or Eleanor to accommodate the book?

Eleanor’s was a story that needed to be told but it also ensured that the second book in the series wasn’t just a repeat of book one. So I dragged her back to Willow Tree Hall to rediscover its joy and friendship.

What do you like most about her?

She’s plucky! She felt like someone I would want to be my best friend as she’s hugely supportive of her friends and close to her mum.

What do you like least about her?

Eleanor has been lying about her life in London to her family and friends. There’s a big reason why but I was glad when the secret was out!

Did your early readers/editorial team like her to start with or did you have to change her in any way?

Thankfully my editor loved Eleanor and so there was only some minor tweaking to be had – which is a huge relief when you’ve been working on a book for six months!

Does she have any similarities with anyone real?

Eleanor looked very much like Emily Blunt in my mind as I wrote her. I liked her sophistication and plummy accent!

What are your plans for her?

Eleanor will continue to pop up in the future books as Annie’s best friend and bridesmaid!

Would you be friends in real life?

Absolutely. Especially if I could borrow her designer wardrobe!

If you’d like to know more about Eleanor, go and grab your copy now!

Huge thanks to Aria Fiction and the author for inviting me on to the tour, be sure you keep up with the rest of the fabulous bloggers for more super posts!

About the author …

Alison Sherlock

 Alison Sherlock loves to write stories full of warmth, laughter, love and friendships including The Desperate Bride’s Diet Club which reached No 1 in the Italian book charts.

Her latest series of books focuses on the lives and loves, trials and tribulations of all those who live and work at Willow Tree Hall, a crumbling stately home in the countryside.

Alison lives in Surrey with her husband and Harry, the world’s daftest golden retriever.

She loves to hear from her readers. You can get in touch on Facebook/Alison Sherlock and on Twitter @alisonsherlock




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