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I’m delighted to be closing the blog tour for Accidentally in Love by Anna Premoli with an awesome extract for you today.

But first, here’s the blurb …

Aria (1 Feb. 2018)

A funny romantic comedy about how opposites definitely do attract… Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Meg Cabot.

Sara Di Giovanni is a successful lawyer in New York City: she is the star of her profession, an excellent role model to her very vivacious little sister, but has so far been unlucky in love…

Ethan Phelps is the rich playboy trouble-maker whose only talent in life is spending money and dating women…

That is until Ethan’s father dies with no will to his name, leaving his two sons the legal heirs to his billion-dollar company.

Sara is forced to become the court-appointed guardian to handle Ethan’s share of the fortune, as his family do not trust him to manage it himself. Sara thinks it should be easy, but it’s not so simple when Ethan is determined to get rid of her by whatever means necessary…

What ensues is a dramatic and hilarious power-play between Sara and Ethan… but what will happen when feelings start to get in the way?


Here’s the extract …

Sara crossed her legs nervously. “You’re not thinking of asking me, are you?” she said, with obvious panic in her voice. “Because I’d better remind you that I handle patents.”

“Listen, right now I couldn’t care less about the form – all I’m interested in is the substance. As I said to my assistant, you could specialize in ice cream law for all I care, the important thing is that you can handle Ethan Phelps.”

Sara looked at Judge Richter’s face for a long time, undecided as to whether she should consider this all a joke. Her, a court appointed guardian?

“Look, thank you for thinking of me, really, but I just don’t feel like I’m up to doing a job like that. I mean, if all these people, who were so much more capable than me, have already failed, I just don’t see how I could…”

She was cut off, however, by a gesture of Richter’s hand. “Ms Di Giovanni, I warn you, please don’t make me beg. I have a good feeling about this, you must believe me. For some strange reason I think you can actually do this. You are young, smart, determined. I think you could anticipate Mr Phelps’s moves to perfection and manage that damned controlling share of his in the interests of your ward.”

“But I deal with patents!” Sara repeated in exasperation as though it were a mantra.

“Oh pshaw – details…” murmured the judge.

“I’m sorry, but my office would never agree to me accepting such a case,” she said, desperately seeking a way to get herself off the hook.

Unfortunately, Jane Richter smiled happily.

“Maybe you didn’t know that Mr Ross and I are great friends! We were at Harvard together! Max is still running the show in there, right?” she asked, knowing full well that she had won.

“Yes, he’s still the senior partner in the firm…” said Sara with a sigh.

“Excellent! Well, I called him last night, and guess what, not only has your boss nothing against you dealing with this little problem for me, but he is also willing to give you a nice pay rise and the assistance of a colleague of your choosing!”

Sara swallowed her disappointment. “Wonderful…”

“I knew that you would come round,” concluded Richter triumphantly.

She had tried being nice, she really had. But exceptional problems require exceptional measures and without the weapon of blackmail, Sara Di Giovanni would never have accepted the assignment. She was smart, there was no doubt about that, and she had a good instinct for survival. Well, she would need it. It really was a massive stroke of luck that Max Ross was the head of the law firm where she worked.

Sara closed her eyes for a few seconds and leaned back in her chair in order to digest the news. She reopened them shortly afterwards, and with lucid rationality asked, “What is actually wrong with Ethan Phelps?” At this point she wanted to hear the whole truth.

But before the judge could think of an answer, the door of the office swung open and three men entered the room. Sara turned in their direction and her mouth literally fell open. The lunatic she had encountered on Saturday night had just walked into the judge’s office and she was ready to bet everything she owned that he was Ethan Phelps.

For sure.

Because when it came to bad luck, Sara Di Giovanni was second to none.

Now go and get your copy so you can read the rest of it!





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About the author …

Anna Premoli was born in Croatia and lives in Milan, where she graduated in economics at the Bocconi. She has worked at J.P. Morgan and, since 2004, for a private bank. Mathematics has always been her strong point; writing came by chance, as an ‘anti-stress method’ during her pregnancy. Love to Hate You stayed at the top of the bestseller lists for months and won the 2013 Bancarella Prize; the film rights have been bought by Colorado Film.

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