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I am delighted to be joined by author Neal James today as he shares with us a typical day in the life of his character, Dennis Marks.

Over to you, Neal …

Dennis Marks lives on Woodward Avenue in the London borough of Hendon. He travels, each day, to New Scotland Yard, where he is a DCI with the Metropolitan Police. From this base, he can be called to almost anywhere in the capital to attend almost any serious crime.

Marks has been a Detective Chief Inspector for a number of years, and as one of the more senior officers of that rank, he is widely regarded as amongst the best that the Met has on its staff. He runs his own team and liaises with Home Office pathologist, Professor George Groves, with whom he has a close, professional relationship.

Marks’ team comprises DI Peter Spencer, with whom he has worked for over ten years, DS Chloe Warner, the half-sister of another renowned detective, Superintendent Colin Barnes, and a number of detective constables who are not named in the books. Marks also has links, going back to earlier times in his career, with MI5 in the form of its head, George Watkinson.

Marks is a traditional type of policeman; unwilling to cut corners or take risks, he runs his team professionally and will tolerate no untoward behaviour. Intimate relationships among officers under his command are frowned upon. He is deeply loyal to those who work with him, and in his wife, June, he has a rock who has stood by him through some tough times.

A career policeman, Marks nevertheless has time outside the force for other interests, and is a keen football fan, being a season ticket holder at White Hart Lane and has been an ardent fan of Tottenham Hotspur since the early 1960s.

Though not one to have much truck with mixing with the criminal fraternity in London, he nevertheless has a soft spot for one of its more likeable characters, Solly Wiseman. Wiseman, an expert forger and now a pillar of London society, has assisted the Met on a number of occasions; Marks has learned, over the years, to keep Wiseman firmly on his radar.

Marks joined the police force over forty years ago, and progressed from the Police Training Academy at Hendon, through to uniform duties and then in to CID, where he found his true vocation. He quickly rose through the ranks as a result of his quick brain and an eye for the typical London villain. His strong beliefs in right and wrong drove him into a career with the police when he finished his exams at school, and he has never looked back. He is straight as a die and would never be involved in the kind of policing which destroyed the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad in the 1980s.

Dennis Marks and his wife have no children – the result of a rare congenital defect which he inherited from his father and grandfather. They never considered adoption as he rose through the ranks, Marks considering that exposing young children to the dangers of having a father in the Met as too high. They have been married for almost forty years and their house on Woodward Avenue in Hendon is a testimony to the comfortable lifestyle which being a senior detective with the world’s finest police force has allowed.

Marks certainly sounds like the kind of officer I’d like fighting on my team!

If you’d like to find out more, go and grab your copy now over at Amazon:

Britain’s Next Bestseller (5 Feb. 2018)

When vengeance calls, death is it’s shadow
Billy Robertson is out for revenge and the target in his sights is Dennis Marks.
Holding the DCI responsible for the death of his younger brother, Jack, Robertson seizes on the opportunity given to him by Harold Shaw – another violent criminal falling foul of the skill of one of the Met’s finest detectives – from the confines of his cell at HMP Wandsworth.
After his run-in with the IPCC, Marks is plunged into a murder case involving the death of a teacher at Lainsford Grammar School in Edmonton. Without the services of Home Office pathologist, George Groves, and with the prospect of his own team breaking up, Marks’ abilities are tested to the limit as he follows a trail of false leads, lies and a wall of silence.

About the author …

Neal James

I started writing for fun in 2007, and quickly found a couple of websites to expand my exposure to the wider world.

Please feel free to visit my website at http://www.nealjames.webs.com

Meeting up with Pneuma Springs was the turning point, and in October of 2008 that bore fruit with the release of “A Ticket to Tewkesbury”.

This was followed in June of 2009 with a second book “Short Stories Volume One”, and my third book, and second novel “Two Little Dicky Birds” came out in 2010. Since then, “Threads of Deceit” followed on in August 2011.

“Full Marks” which will, for the first time with my writing, contain a set of illustrations by a local artist, is scheduled for early 2013.

I have other work currently ‘in production’, and the coming years should see more additions to the ‘library’.

Listen in to my stories and book excerpts on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/you/tracks

At the time of writing, these include:

“Day of the Phoenix” – scheduled for 2014
“The Rings of Darelius” – 2015
“Short Stories Volume Two” – 2016
“Three Little Maids” – 2017
“Dreamer” – 2018
“The Southgate Sisterhood” – 2019
“Bodies of Evidence” – 2020

I write in a variety of genres including Crime, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Science Fiction, and Humour.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below :-)

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