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Logan is blog hogging again today, bookworms! He’s really got the reading bug and loves that he gets more #bookpost than me now! Today, he is on the blog tour for Trolls, two wonderful books by Ron Butlin.

Before Logan tells you his thoughts, here are the blurbs …

Birlinn Ltd (15 Oct. 2015)

Through gaps in the roof we didn’t repair

through cracks in the walls we pretended weren’t there…

…the trolls have come creeping

while we were all sleeping.

Trolls on your chair, trolls in your bed –

is anything worse than a troll on your head?

What happens when your house is invaded by trolls – mischievous creatures who do nothing but cause havoc and mayhem? Find out in this zany and charming book which tells you how to get rid of them for good and make your house a troll-free zone!

Birlinn Ltd (4 Aug. 2017)

It’s the Day of the Trolls: Fart-Fart and all the trolls are back! Join them in the shopping mall where they go wild, causing havoc as they overrun the place. But when they follow sign saying All Trolls – This Way, things turn out very differently to what Flycatcher, Bumscratcher, SnotFace, Squeer and the rest of them expected …

Logan’s thoughts …

My favourite thing about these books is the trolls! They are ACE!

Especially Fart-Fart!

When the trolls get in the house, they go and do loads of bad things so if bad things happen in our house now, you can blame the trolls and not me!

I liked how they all get up to naughty things and do gross stuff like go up your nose and have dripping noses and fart all the time!!! (Logan is currently in fits of laughter!)

Then, on Troll Day they eat disgusting things that I’m never gonna eat! EVER!!!! I don’t want to eat squid eyes or Rat-on-a-Stick … but the trolls love it so maybe if the ones in our house come out, I’ll make it for them …

All in all, Logan loved both these books, as did I! To be fair, I read Here Come the Trolls to Logan and loved the poetry and the flow of the words, it was an easy read and made Logan laugh so much it was hard for me not to join in.

Logan read The Day of the Trolls with his dad, Paul, here’s what he thought …

I hate reading most kid’s books but this one I loved! It was funny and I really enjoyed reading it with Logan, we love farting and so we laughed so much. It was easy, engaging, and over too quickly. Defiantly my new favourite bedtime book!

It’s fair to say that the Trolls series has become a firm favourite in the Little Bookworm house and we will be looking for more in the future!

Hugest thanks to the author and Kelly at Love Books Group for inviting us to take part in the blog tour and for our review copies. We all loved them!

If you want to get your little ones engrossed in these super-hilarious and totally gross Trolls, get yourself over to Amazon by clicking the links below …

Here Come the Trolls

Day of the Trolls

Be sure to follow the rest of the tour:

About the author …

Ron Butlin is an award-winning poet, playwright, novelist, short story writer and librettist whose works have been translated into many languages. He regularly gives creative writing workshops in schools, and was Edinburgh Makar from 2008 to 2014.

James Hutcheson is Creative Director at Birlinn. He has been designing books, book jackets and album covers for many years.

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