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#BookReview Logan reviews The Christmas Tale of Elaine Gale by Daniel Thompson @Elaine_Gale2017 #ChildrensBooks #Christmas #ChirstmasGifts

Logan is taking over the blogging reins today as he shares his thoughts on Daniel Thompson’s novel, The Christmas Tale of Elaine Gale.

For those of you who don’t know, Logan is my six-year-old (six today actually!) son and he has reviewed a couple of books already on here 🙂

First, here’s the blurb …

Carefully Crafted Media (31 Oct. 2017)

In this book that you hold, a true story unfolds,
Of a Christmas not too long ago.
Where I’m lead to believe, on a cold Christmas eve,
Three Siblings played out in the snow.

As all children do, when the snow bustles through,
They built an acquaintance to scale.
But not a snow man, as suggested by Dan,
They built a snow queen, Elaine Gale

And they started to tell, how she’d cast an old spell,
For every child to be cruel.
For if no names exist, on Santa’s nice list,
There would be no Christmas at all.

But little did they know, as they played in the snow,
Before the night was through.
That story they told, would find life in the cold.
And every word would come true.

Logan’s thoughts …

I really love this book because it’s dead creepy. My favourite part is when the spooky eyes appear in the forest and I knew that the evil queen was in there. 

I liked the kids, they have loads of fun but I didn’t like thinking that they were going to get Christmas cancelled, that sucked. 

I think some of the words were too big for me to read but you can read them for me! Or Grace can (my ten-year-old daughter). 

The pictures in this book are really creepy! Especially the evil queen, she’s got a well freaky nose! And she’s proper nasty, making everyone bad, I don’t think she’d make me bad though, I’m a good boy! It would be funny if you and Dad were really naughty though so that might be funny …

But I still want Christmas! 

The only thing I didn’t like was when the girl said that boys are rubbish! They aren’t!! Girls are rubbish and I never want a girlfriend!!! 

Logan gave this one FIFTY-SIX STARS!!!! Yes, you read that right, FIFTY-SIX!!!!

I really enjoyed this one too. I liked that we have three children working together to right a wrong they have created and that they are a solid team.

The writing flows and the plot is easy to follow and as Logan already mentioned, the pictures which accompany the story are excellent and really add to the atmosphere of the book.

It is actually a really creepy book (although I think my voices added to the overall creep-factor 😉 ) And the poetry of the tale adds to build quite a suspenseful thriller which I never thought possible in a children’s book. It was easy to be swept up in the world that Thompson and his illustrator, Connor Edwards have created, it was magical, mystical, and captivating. Certainly one we will be reading regularly and one that we have read five times already this week!

This is definitely a book you want to be adding to your Christmas lists this year! Honestly, your kids will LOVE IT!!!!

Huge thanks to Daniel for sending Logan a copy for his birthday review – its a huge high-five from him!!!!

Go and grab your copy NOW!!!

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