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#BlogTour #Review Race To The Kill by Helen Cadbury @AllisonandBusby

Today I am sharing my review of Race to the Kill by Helen Cadbury, as always, here’s the blurb …









Allison & Busby (21 Sept. 2017)

It is the middle of a long night shift for PC Sean Denton and his partner PC Gavin Wentworth when they are approached by a dishevelled-looking woman desperate that they follow her. She leads them to the old Chasebridge High School where they find the dead body of a Syrian refugee. The investigation which points to the neighbouring greyhound stadium finds Denton caught up in a world of immigration, drugs and sexual abuse, and one in which his private life becomes increasingly entwined.

My thoughts …

From the first chapter to the last, I was on edge and gripped. I loved it!

Denton and Wentworth have stopped for a drink at a petrol station in the middle of the night when a woman approaches them and almost demands they go with her to the old high school building, telling them that something isn’t right. The woman is clearly scared so Denton follows her, Wentworth not far behind.

As they start to investigate, it soon becomes clear that the school isn’t as abandoned as they thought it was. The body of a dead a man is soon discovered changing this from a security check to a murder investigation.

I was literally gripped to this one the whole way through. There is so much going on and you just know it’s all going to intertwine at some point, but when and how and why?!?! I NEEDED the answers! I needed to know where Cadbury was taking me and boy, what a ride it was!!

I love PC Sean Denton. A stand up copper with his eye on becoming a detective one day. Well, one day soon actually as he’s secretly done the exams and had his interview. But why has he kept it a secret from everyone? To save face if he doesn’t get through? Probably, and who can blame him with Lizzie as his girlfriend?

I don’t particularly like Lizzie. She comes across as very snobbish and some of ways she treats Denton just annoyed me. I don’t like people like her and what a testament to the author’s writing ability that I verged on hating her!

As the murder investigation continues, Denton’s personal life is in turmoil. His new sister is living with their dad and his father is ill. Seriously ill. With all the things going on at work Denton feels that he is abandoning Chloe while she tries to deal with it all but Chloe has a new friend so she’s just fine, right?

Race to the Kill does not disappoint. Gritty, thrilling, and with twists and turns that actually made me gasp out loud, I highly recommend this one! Like, go and pre-order it NOW!! It’s brilliant!

My thanks to the team for organising the blog tour.  You can get your copy over at Amazon UK

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About the author … 

Helen Cadbury wrote fiction, poetry and plays. She worked as an actor before becoming a teacher and spent five years teaching in prisons. She had an MA in Writing from Sheffield Hallam University. Her debut novel, To Catch a Rabbit, was the winner of the inaugural Northern Crime Competition. Helen passed away in June 2017.

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