#BlogTour #Extract It Was Always You by Georgie Capron @GeorgieCapron @Aria_Fiction

I am over the moon to be sharing an extract of Georgie Capron’s latest novel, It Was Always You, today.

Here’s the blurb … 

It Was Always You by [Capron, Georgie]

Libby has been drifting through life for too long and, now in her early 30’s, it’s time to grow up. She decides to have one last summer of fun before buckling down, so heads off to beautiful Positano in Italy.

There, despite all her good intentions, she can’t help but fall a little in love with the very handsome, but rather naughty, Luca and, as the summer draws to a close, Libby has some big decisions to make.

Should she head back home and face up to her responsibilities? Is Luca really the right man to start a family with, or has the perfect man been right in front of her eyes all this time?

And, when it comes to affairs of the heart, is it really better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

Extract …

Back at La Casetta, Giulia had started her evening shift. She had curly hair, pouty lips and a husky voice. There was a queue of people waiting to speak to her at the reception desk so, rather than introducing herself, Libby wandered out on to the terrace to watch the sun set over the sea and eat the slices of pizza she had picked up. When the last glowing embers had disappeared beneath the surface, she came back inside. A young couple were talking to Giulia about good local restaurants to eat in that evening. When they left, Libby approached the desk. ‘You must be Giulia? It’s so nice to meet you. I’m Libby,’ she said, holding out her hand.

‘Oh yes, Libby. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Floriana told me to look out for you.’

‘I’ve just been having a look around,’ said Libby. ‘I’m already in love!’

‘It is very hard to avoid that, I’m afraid – though working here might change your mind,’ laughed Giulia.

‘Oh really? So far it has seemed pretty wonderful.’

‘Maybe I’ve been here too long. I guess the novelty of dealing with travellers day in and day out wears off after a while.’

‘How long have you been here?’

‘Five years!’ said Giulia, raising her eyebrows towards the sky.

‘That is a long time…’

‘Sometimes I dream about leaving, doing something else. You’re from London, aren’t you? I’d love to go there one day…’

‘Really? You should,’ Libby declared.

‘Sadly, I can’t – I’ll be stuck here in Positano for a while. My mother has dementia, so I need to be around to look after her.’

‘Gosh, how terrible,’ said Libby. ‘That must be so hard…’

‘It’s not the easiest thing, but it is what it is,’ said Giulia. ‘And in all seriousness, I do love it here, most of the time. Floriana and Tonio are so good to me; they are like family. The high season is just so busy, that’s all. It’s great that we have you to help out.’

‘I know I’m supposed to be here mostly during the day shifts, but if you are busy in the evenings and I’m around, then maybe I can help?’ Libby felt sorry for Giulia; it must be so hard having to care for a parent suffering like that. She thanked her lucky stars that her mother was fit and healthy. She wondered what Giulia would be doing if her circumstances were different. She could see her on stage – a young Monica Bellucci perhaps.

‘That’s very kind of you to offer!’ Giulia said. ‘You might regret that!’

At that moment an extremely handsome man – who looked as if he spent a considerable amount of time in the gym – popped his head around the corner from the bar. ‘Giu, we’re out of one-euro coins. Do you have any?’ he asked.

‘Sure,’ said Giulia, reaching to unlock the drawer under the desk where the petty cash was kept. ‘Luca, this is Libby, she’s here to help for the rest of the summer.’

Piacere,’ said Luca, coming over to shake her hand. He was almost comically good looking, with sun-kissed brown hair and mesmerising brown eyes framed with thick, curly black eyelashes. He had a mischievous grin and a knowing twinkle in his eye, the look of a man who knows he is a hit with the ladies. ‘You must come in for a drink later. Sorry I can’t chat now but I am in the middle of serving a customer.’

‘No problem,’ said Libby.

Giulia gave her a knowing look. ‘Watch out for that one!’ she said, rolling her eyes. ‘He’s got something of a reputation, if you know what I mean!’

Libby laughed. Yes, she could certainly guess. She wondered whether Giulia was talking from personal experience.

She left Giulia to it as another bustle of tourists came through the door waiting to be checked in. She went up to her room to hang out her damp towel and get out of her bikini. She wrapped a fresh towel around her limbs before going next door to test out the shower. It was simple and old-fashioned, but it pumped out a steady stream of hot water, and that was all Libby needed to scrub away the sand. She would be sharing the bathroom with the residents of a double room on the opposite side of the corridor from her, but she doubted that would be too much of an inconvenience.

Libby towel-dried her long hair as best she could and ran a comb through it. She slapped on a bit of moisturiser and ringed her green eyes with a smudge of eyeliner and a coat of mascara before locking up her room and making her way back downstairs. She wore a pretty coral sundress and gold sandals.

‘Nice dress,’ said Giulia as she clocked her change of appearance. ‘Beautiful!’

‘Thanks, it’s an old favourite. Giulia, where is the best place to make a phone call using the Wi-Fi? It doesn’t seem to be strong enough in my room.’

‘If you stand over by the window it tends to be better, but it is a bit hit and miss at the best of times, I’m afraid.’

You can get your copy now over at Amazon …

My thanks to the author and the publisher for having me on the tour today! You can follow the rest of it over at the following blogs …


About the author …

Georgie Capron

Georgie Capron lives in South West London with her husband. She works as a primary school teacher, and writes during the holidays. She studied Italian and History of Art at the University of Edinburgh, and loves travelling, yoga and all sorts of arts and crafts.

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Facebook: @GeorgieCapron

Twitter: @GeorgieCapron

Website: http://www.georgiecapron.com


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