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Logan’s #Review of Planet Scrabbage & the Vegerons by Paul Ian Cross @tyrannopaulus #childrensbooks

Logan, my five-year-old son, is back in the reviewing seat today as he shares his thoughts on Planet Scrabbage and the Vegerons by Paul Ian Cross …

It’s a bit different to the normal crime fiction you will find on my blog but I hope that those of you with children will appreciate the deviation!

Here’s the blurb …

Planet Scrabbage and the Vegerons by [Cross, Paul Ian]

It’s time we took a trip to Planet Scrabbage!

This planet is AMAZING; far away in outer space…

A vibrant, fresh and colourful, VEG-TASTIC happy place!

A hilariously silly rhyming picture book, for ages 4-7, about the importance of eating your veg!

Logan’s thoughts … 

I LOVE things that make my bottom smelly!!!!!

I laughed out loud at this part, it really tickled my tummy!

I really liked seeing all my favourite veggie’s dressed up and looking like people. My favourite picture is the parsnip muscle-man who was showing his guns!

I think that when my dad gets home I’ll get him to take me to Planet Scrabbage – he likes bottom burps too!!

The rhyming words made it easy for me to read and I could practise my phonics when we were reading.

I think I’d have liked to see some broccoli in it ’cause that’s my favourite veg – it’s like eating tress … I didn’t know beetroot could paint though!

My thoughts …

Well, what a wonderful book!

Cross has really made me chuckle with this one. Charlie doesn’t like her veg (we’ve all been there at tea-time right?!) so her dad takes her on a trip to planet Scrabbage. Whilst there she meets the Vegerons – a group of veggies who are all brilliant at something, from exploring carrots to artistic beetroot, the veggies tell us how they can help us grow.

What a wonderful story; as a mother with four children, I have seen my fair share of children’s books over the last fourteen years from the good, the bad and to the ugly.

I can honestly say Planet Scrabbage and The Vegerons is one of my favourites. The pictures are great and although detailed, they are simplistic too and very well designed.

The story itself is great, not too long, not boring, not preachy – it’s “just” a brill children’s book about why they should eat veg.

Every parent in world must have been there at some stage, a child trying to get out of eating something and it’s typically the veg.

Now what I like most about this one is that there isn’t a huge focus on eating the veg, it’s more about what they can do for you if you do eat them. How each vegetable can help you improve certain areas of your body, but without being over the top. Its a gentle story that basically says, ‘if you eat carrots you could do this,’ and ‘if you eat beetroot you could do that.’

I loved it!

I really did. I think the concept is well thought out and executed brilliantly.

I enjoyed reading this with Logan, he laughed his head off and asks for it again and again. So much so that I’ll need to order a paperback copy!

Its one I’ll be buying plenty of for Christmas/birthday presents for my friends kids.

Huge thanks to the author and the team over at The Book Clun on Facebook for my review copy 🙂

If you’d like to share this with your children, which I strongly recommend you do – then go and grab your copy over at Amazon now!



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