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I quite simply ADORE this series and I am so happy to have been invited on to the blog blitz for the next instalment, Marry Me at Willoughby Close.

Before I give you my thoughts on the book, here’s the blurb …

Tule Publishing (18 July 2017)

Welcome to Willoughby Close… a charming cluster of cosy cottages, each with a story to tell and a happy ending to deliver…

Alice James has been a drifter her whole life, working her way through several foster homes before ending up in Wychwood-on-Lea, feeling anchorless and invisible. When a chance encounter leads to Alice accepting a position as a caretaker and companion to Lady Stokeley, she starts to feel as if she might finally be able to put down some roots and live the way other people do.

Then, Lady Stokeley’s nephew, city banker Henry Trent, storms into Willoughby Manor, seeming to find fault with everything, including Alice. As the next in line to the manor and title, he threatens to upturn everything she’s started to build. But Henry is hiding his own secret fears and weaknesses, ones he’s desperate for no one to discover. A surprising and inconvenient attraction that simmers between them leaves Alice feeling more confused than ever, and Henry torn between duty and desire, fear and love.

When circumstances become even more difficult, both Alice and Henry must decide who they really are, and what they are willing to fight for. Could Alice possibly the next Lady of Willoughby Manor?

My thoughts …

I LOVE this series!

You just cannot help but to get immersed in to the books Kate Hewitt writes, she has a wonderful way with the words which make you just forget everything around you as you are transported into the world she has created.

Alice James is now working as Lady Stokeley’s companion and having grown up in foster care and feeling as though she is invisible to world, this is the chance she needed to feel like she has a meaning in life, that she is important and wanted.

Enter Henry Trent. City slicker and next in line for the manor and the titles that come with it.

Henry is horrible. One of those characters you just want to punch in the face. Lovely Alice is settling in to the role, she is finally in a good place and along comes this surly snob who is hell bent on finding fault with EVERYTHING!

As the book goes on and in true Hewitt style, all is not as it seems with Henry. He has secrets, secrets he is desperate to keep hidden but, as he continues to try and ruin Alice’s position in the manor … but why?

Having spent most of her life being put down and ignored, Alice discovers that she can stand up for herself and boy does she! Henry finds himself drawn to this woman who has no sense of entitlement, no fear of his positon and a tongue that could cut glass occasionally!

Henry soon finds himself thinking about Alice ALL the time and not because he wants to get rid of her, he wants to kiss her!

This is a wonderful story of finding love in the most unexpected place, about bridging the gap between duty and desire.

Can Henry bring himself to be with a lowly maid? Can he see past the entitlement and the pride and the status? And if he can, will Alice even want him? Will she see past those things and realise her feelings for this man or will the fight to keep her position, the job that has given her the sense of belonging she has craved all her life, stop her from the chance to become the next Lady of Willoughby Manor?

I spent the whole duration of reading this book either, laughing, crying or shouting! Hewitt pulls you in to the lives of the characters, you are invested in everything they do, she makes you care for them and she makes you love them.

A wonderful book to devour on a cosy rainy afternoon, snuggled up with a hot chocolate. It is heart-warming and lovely and I would highly recommend you go and buy it!!!

My thanks to the author and Neverland Blog Tours for my e-Book copy to provide my honest review. I loved this series!!!!

Be sure to enter the giveaway where you could win a £10.00 Amazon voucher!


About the author …

Kate Hewitt is the author of over 60 novels of romance and women’s fiction. An American

ex-pat and former diehard New Yorker, she now lives in a market town in South Wales with

her husband, five children, and overly affectionate Golden Retriever. To learn more about

Kate, check out her website kate-hewitt.com, or join her Facebook Kate’s Reads.

Website: http://www.kate-hewitt.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KateHewittAuthor

Twitter: http:///www.twitter.com/katehewitt1


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