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Today I am handing over to author Laura Read …

Win one of three copies of Deadly Sins

About me

Hi, everyone. My name’s Laura Read and I’ve worked in publishing for over seven years, as a designer for a journal and its award-winning website, and now as a freelance designer and writer.

In April, I published my first book, Deadly Sins: a dark thriller about an organized crime family, with a twisted love story at its heart. The book explores the sexism that can permeate families and how sin influences us all.

More about the story…

Deadly Sins: An organized crime thriller by [Read, Laura]

Angela Balanescu is the daughter of an organized crime boss. Her father feeds on power, solely focused on how he can gain more territory. Hating the violence used by her family, Angela yearns to leave town, instead of using drink and sex as ways to escape her life.

When she falls for corrupt detective Sean, Angela wonders whether she can learn to trust him and put a life of crime behind her. But Vincent, her father’s violent lieutenant, is jealous of their relationship and wants her for himself. He reminds her that she shouldn’t trust anyone.

Will Angela choose to stay and help her family, or leave town to start a new life where she can escape her past?

A book about sin, sexism and violence

Deadly Sins is a commentary on the sexism and violence found in families and society in general, and I want people who read the book to think about how they treat others, as well as how they view sex, love and faith. The novel features some disturbing scenes where women (and men) are assaulted and murdered – after all, it’s based in the violent world of organized crime – but I hope that readers don’t think that these scenes are senseless or included only for sensationalism. I intended to write a book focused on sin and how my characters’ transgressions ruin their lives – and a crime family has a lot to repent for.

Enter the GoodReads giveaway

This month I’m running a GoodReads giveaway where you can win one of three Deadly Sins paperbacks (priced at $5.99/£5.99/€5.99 on Amazon). Enter the giveaway (available in the US, UK, Canada and Australia until 31 July 2017) at Goodreads

The ebook of Deadly Sins is currently 99¢/99p and available on Amazon, iBooks, Nook and Kobo. Lose yourself in this dark crime thriller: grab your copy at bit.ly/2sKDLEk.

For the latest news about Laura’s work, and to get special offers on her books and similar novels by other authors (including free books), sign up to her e-newsletter at laurareadauthor.com

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