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#ChillWithABookAwardWinner #Author Mary Anne Yarde talks all things bookish @maryanneyarde @chillwithabook #indieauthor

Today I am talking to Chill With A Book Award winning author, Mary Anne Yarde about all things bookish!

Huge congratulations on winning your Chill Award! You must be so happy that your work has been recognised in this way. Now, before we carry on, would you please introduce yourself to my readers, just in case they don’t know you already …

Hello, everyone. Waves! Thank you so much, Emma, for inviting me on to your fabulous blog. My name is Mary Anne Yarde, and I am an award-winning author of the bestselling series, The Du Lac Chronicles.

I was born in Bath and grew up in the south-west of England. I lived a mere fifteen minutes away from the Ancient Isle of Avalon — Glastonbury. Tales of King Arthur and his Knights were a part of my childhood.

So, your book has been awarded with a Chill with a Book Readers’ Award, what inspired you to write this story?

I grew up in the land of myths. In the early morning, I would watch transfixed as the Fata Morgana, the mist, rose up over the ancient Isle of Avalon. The only thing visible was the Tor, and that floated on a sea of clouds. Growing up near Glastonbury it was easy to believe in King Arthur, and his Knights, all I had to do was look around, and there he was. But as much as I loved the stories, I always felt disappointed with how King Arthur’s story ended. He is mortally wounded at The Battle of Camlann. He is taken to Avalon where his famous sword is thrown back into the lake and that is the last we hear of him. Arthur’s Knights, if they had not perished already, withdrew from society, entered monasteries and became hermits. Hermits? That never sat right with me. I wanted to write a book about what happened to the knights after King Arthur’s death, in particular, I wanted to tell a story about the sons of Lancelot du Lac, and thus The Du Lac Chronicles series was born!

What does the award mean to you?

The Chill With A book Award means so much to me. As a writer, it validates my work and gives me more confidence to keep writing!

What other titles have you published? Tell us a little about them …

There are two books and one novella in The Du Lac Chronicles series so far. Book three will be out later on in the year.

Are you working on a new book? Tell me about that …

I am currently working on Book three of The Du Lac Chronicles.

Here is a quick look at the blurb …

The ink has dried on Amandine’s death warrant. Her crime? She is a du Lac.

All that stands in the way of a grisly death on a pyre is the King of Brittany. However, King Philippe is a fickle friend, and if her death is profitable to him, then she has no doubt that he would light the pyre himself.

Alan, the only man Amandine trusts, has a secret and must make an impossible choice, which could have far-reaching consequences —not only for Amandine but the whole of Briton.

When not writing, what can you be found doing?

I love exploring old castles and battlefield sites. I also love reading.

Which three authors have most influenced your journey to becoming an author?

Oh my days, that is a hard question. I don’t think I can pin down one author, let alone three! There are so many fabulous authors out there, whose books I enjoy, it is impossible to say that this one or that one influenced my journey into becoming an author.

Why did you choose the genre you write in?

I think my books fall somewhere in the middle of historical fiction and historical fantasy. My books are set in the 5th and 6th Century Britain. I try to be as authentic as I can to the period my books are set in, but I also love the folklore of the era as well. So I have the best of both worlds and combine the two!

Which other genre would you choose if you had to change?

If I had to change my genre … now you have got me thinking! I would probably take a side step into Fantasy or Romance. I could never write horror, or anything like that.

Quick fire questions …

Twitter or Facebook?


Tea or coffee?


Marmite – yes or no?


Marvel or DC?


Early riser or sleep in?

Early riser.

Pj’s or ‘normal’ clothes when writing?


Planner or pantster?

Planner when researching, pantster when writing!

Book or kindle?


Pineapple on pizza – yes or no?


And finally … What is your favourite book of all time?

My favourite book of all time has to be The Horse Whisper by Nicholas Evans. When I was sixteen, my boyfriend took me shopping, and we ended up in Waterstones. The Horse Whisperer was a new release, and my boyfriend bought it for me. Since then it has always been my favourite book.

Thank you for joining me today and many congratulations again on your Chill with A Book Award!

Thank you so much, Emma.

Like the sound of Mary’s book? Here’s the blurb …

The Du Lac Devil: Book 2 of The Du Lac Chronicles by [Yarde, Mary Anne]

The Award Winning series ~ The Du Lac Chronicles, continues:

War is coming to Saxon Briton.

As one kingdom after another falls to the savage might of the High King, Cerdic of Wessex, only one family dares to stand up to him — The Du Lacs.

Budic and Alden Du Lac are barely speaking to each other, and Merton is a mercenary, fighting for the highest bidder. If Wessex hears of the brothers’ discord, then all is lost.

Fate brings Merton du Lac back to the ancestral lands of his forefathers, and he finds his country on the brink of civil war. But there is worse to come, for his father’s old enemy has infiltrated the court of Benwick. Now, more than ever, the Du Lac must come together to save the kingdom and themselves.

Can old rivalries and resentments be overcome in time to stop a war?

You can get your copy over at Amazon UK and Amazon US 

You can keep up with all of Mary’s news by following her on the following sites:





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