#ChillWithABookAward Winner author Helen Line talks all things bookish @helenline71 @matadorbooks #indieauthor #selfpublished

Huge congratulations on winning your Chill Award! You must be so happy that your work has been recognised in this way. Now, before we carry on, would you please introduce yourself to my readers, just in case they don’t know you already …

Hi. I am Helen Line, author of I Hear You Calling. I live in the West Midlands with my partner, our Golden Retriever and 3 very naughty cats. Having previously been a primary school teacher  I now work full time as an education officer for the local authority.

So, your book has been awarded with a Chill with a Book Readers’ Award, what inspired you to write this story?

People say write what you know don’t they? I know the world of education and also the world of Spiritualism. So then I thought, how might the two come together?  That’s how Richard Banks and Rae Simpson appeared and began to tell their story!

What does the award mean to you?

I am sixty years old and have been writing since I was about eight. I Hear you Calling is my first published work and to have it recognised by the amazing readers at Chill with a Book is totally gratifying.

Are you working on a new book? Tell me about that …

Well I have two works in progress at the moment but I am trying to concentrate on the sequel to “I hear you Calling,” which has the working title of “ When Life gives you Lemons.” I can’t tell you much about it though because it would contain spoilers for people who haven’t read I H Y C yet!

My second work in progress is a completely different genre, a cosy murder mystery currently titled “After the Bell Stops Ringing.” That is great fun to write because I don’t have to take myself too seriously with it.

When not writing, what can you be found doing?

Probably carrying out my day job! Otherwise, reading or sleeping.

Which three authors have most influenced your journey to becoming an author?

C S Lewis was my first and biggest influence – his Narnian chronicles can be read on so many levels and are satisfying on all of them. In my teens my grandmother gave me her collection of Agatha Christie Penguin paperbacks and I devoured them. In later years I developed an absolute passion for the works of Joanne Harris.

Why did you choose the genre you write in?

I didn’t actually choose a genre, I just wrote the story that came to me, and that’s why it has been so difficult now to categorise I Hear you Calling into a specific genre. I like to think of it as a dramatic contemporary novel.

Which other genre would you chose if you had to change?

As I said earlier I am really enjoying the cosy murder mystery story because it allows me to include quite a bit of humour whilst still having a serious storyline. I would  also love to have a serious attempt at a psychological thriller one day.

Quick fire questions …

Twitter or Facebook?  Facebook

Tea or coffee?  Coffee – I hate tea!

Marmite – yes or no? No

Marvel or DC? Marvel

Early riser or sleep in? Early riser

Pj’s or ‘normal’ clothes when writing?  P.J’s

Planner or pantster?  Pantster

Book or kindle? Ooh – that’s a hard one! Kindle … I think.

Pineapple on pizza – yes or no? Yes

And finally, … What is your favourite book of all time?

Your questions are so hard!  I guess if I am forced to choose just one it would go back to my first love – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Thank you for joining me today and many congratulations again on your Chill with A Book Award!

Thank you for inviting me.

You can keep up with all of Helen’s news over at her Facebook page

About the book …

I Hear You Calling by [Line, Helen]

Troubador (6 Sept. 2016)

“So, I am nine years old and in year five at school and I am a weirdo. I know I am a weirdo ‘cos all the other kids at school tell me that a lot. The teachers don’t call me weirdo but they do get angry with me, a lot …

Dad and Mrs Wilkes argue sometimes and they both get very angry and me and Mum sit in the middle of them watching, like at a tennis match. And then I get sent home for the rest of the day and when I go back to school it starts all over again.”

Rae Simpson, Education Officer, is struggling to recover from her marriage to a control freak. Richard Banks, 9 year old student, is floundering as he tries to please both his controlling father and his Headmistress. A difficult task, as the very thing that pleases his father is the thing that most puts his school place at risk; Richard gives messages from the dead.

Whilst sceptical Rae tries to work with Richard, his overzealous father and a head teacher who thinks compromise is a dirty word, her ex-husband arrives back on the scene. As control rapidly begins to fall away from them both, Rae and Richard find themselves victims of dramatic events that unite them in a way that Rae never thought possible. And now the question is not ‘Can Rae save Richard’s school place?’ but ‘Can Rae save Richard’s life?’ I Hear You Calling is a fast moving story of love, loss, trust and control that will take you into areas you may never have visited before.

You can get your copy over at Amazon UK


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