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#ChillWithABookAward winner June Moonbridge talks all things bookish today on #ETLBW @JMoonbridge @ChillWithABook

Huge congratulations on winning your Chill Award! You must be so happy that your work has been recognised in this way. Now, before we carry on, would you please introduce yourself to my readers, just in case they don’t know you already …

Hi Emma and thank you for having me on your blog. I’m really honoured.

I come from a tiny country from the heart of Europe, Slovenia. It’s a beautiful country with lots to see in a little place; from mountains (Alps) from the North-West, to the lowlands in the East, some wonderful caves, hills (full of vineyards in the South and with the Adriatic Sea on the South-West. With only 2 mio of residents.

I work full time as a supply manager (buying steel – so don’t ask me to go and buy you a lipstick, I can’t choose one, but I can choose steel ).  I have two kids and a husband who – I must confess – does lion’s share of our house work. I love to travel and I love the seaside … If it’s possible – and usually it is – I combine both for our vacations. I love the seaside, no matter the weather or the season … I’m also the one who tries to pursue her dream of being a writer… and live from my writing.

So, your book has been awarded with a Chill with a Book Readers’ Award, what inspired you to write this story?

When I first visited Tunisia – I was enchanted by the Sahara and its sand. So I had the background of the story, which came out I would say, rather nicely.

What does the award mean to you?

This is my first ever book award. You can believe me when I tell you that it means a lot to me. After all, you never forget your first, right?

What other titles have you published? Tell us a little about them …

My debut novel ‘All That the Heart Desires’ was published in 2016 and is currently a RONE2017 Award nominee. At first it had been published by a small publisher, but when they decided in 2016 to close down their doors and I got back my rights, I self-published it under the original title, and with a totally new cover.  

Desire Hart is a young woman who had just too much to deal with in her life. This made her strong and determined that nothing will prevent her reaching her goal.

Lorcan Shore is a shining star in the F1 world, already five times world champion on his way to win another one. He is used to reach his goals. Media portrays him as a playboy and womaniser and he plays along … until he meets Desire.

But before I started to write and publish in English, I’ve published several stories in different magazines and had three novels published in my mother’s tongue.

Are you working on a new book? Tell me about that …

My third novel “At the End of the Summer” is under proofread. Hopefully I’ll get it back at the beginning of June 2017. Then I will decide what to do; submit it or go the route that seems familiar – self-publish it.

It’s as the other two; Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense where my two main protagonists are trying to break the circles (habits) in their life.

While waiting for WIP to come back, I started to write WIP II with currently working title  “The Craft of Life”. I’m just at the beginning and to be honest – I’m not quite sure about the ending, so hard for me to tell you anything about it – except that it’s going to be another Contemporary Romance.

When not writing, what can you be found doing?

One third of the working day – I’m in my office, working as a Senior Buyer for a company that produces different types of custom made slewing rings. So I’m more acquainted to different types of steel than to different types of make-up.

The second ‘One third ‘of the day I’m with my family – well, I’m trying my best. I really am.

And the rest of the day – what remains of it – I share between sleeping and writing. You can imagine when my muse calls upon me – sleeping loses …

Which three authors have most influenced your journey to becoming an author?

I never really thought about that. I could say I have been inspired by every writer I’ve ever read. In my teenage years I loved to read everything from Victoria Holt (and other pen-names she used) and I also loved Kathleen E. Woodwiss. I had almost every Holt’s book translated in my language, but then I made a mistake of lending too many of those books to different people, never to find their way back to my shelves. Of course I cannot forget Charlotte Brontë or Jane Austen…

But I would be lying if I would say that romance was/is the only genre I loved and love to read… I enjoy to read everything and I mean everything – as long as it is well written …  

Why did you choose the genre you write in?

Not an easy question. I have no idea. I’m driven by my imagination so, I never really know what will come out of my head.

Which other genre would you chose if you had to change?

My daughter asks me to write a fantasy story, but I’m not sure (yet) I’m up to it.

The other genre I’d love to try in is an Espionage kind of Crime, Thriller & Mystery. Who knows… perhaps the next one…

Quick fire questions …

Twitter or Facebook?

Joined both, but I’m more (of a) Facebook girl…

Tea or coffee?

Coffee! Definitely coffee. Tea when I need to take a paracetamol … or when it’s really cold.

Marmite – yes or no?

Maybe – haven’t tried it yet.

Marvel or DC?


Early riser or sleep in?

Forced early riser – born sleep in.

Pj’s or ‘normal’ clothes when writing?

What’s ‘normal’?

Planner or pantser?

Hard core pantser.

Book or kindle?

Book, but this days I read mostly kindle.

Pineapple on pizza – yes or no?


And finally, … What is your favourite book of all time?

This is just too hard. There are so many books that left a memorable feeling. But there are two books I had read in one sitting – during the night.

The first one was ‘A Rose in Winter’ by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss,  and the second book I ‘ate’ the same way was ‘Cathedral of the Sea’ by Spanish writer Ildefonso Falcones.

Thank you for joining me today and many congratulations again on your Chill with A Book Award!

Thank you so much for having me under the Winner Spotlight on your blog.

My pleasure! If you’re an indie-author, click HERE to find out more about the Chill With a Book Awards

June’s book, Caught Between Two Worlds is available now and you can get a copy over at Amazon UK

Here’s the blurb …

Displaying CaughtBetweenTwoWorlds-Amazon.jpg

Not your ordinary romance novel.

A vacation on the shores of the Egyptian Red Sea was Veronica Blake’s long lasting dream.
But dreams turn into nightmares. Controlling boyfriend Peter complains and embarrasses her frequently in front of everybody from the start. A trip to the ancient sites turns into a disaster. But the salvation comes in the form of the mysterious Nicholas, a blue-eyed man she remembers from the hotel.
Deep in the Sahara desert Veronica encounters a totally different way of life. She desperately seeks the truth about everything that happened. Alone and afraid of her new written future she finds consolation with Nicholas, the only man she’s left to trust.
Will she ever accept the truth she seeks, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
Will she be able to find a way back to the life she was forced to leave behind?

And you can keep up to date with June by following her on the following social media accounts:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JMoonbridge

Blog: www.junemoonbridge.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JMoonbridge  ; @JMoonbridge

LinkedIn:  https://si.linkedin.com/in/jmoonbridge


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