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Today I am delighted to share with you my review of Hope to Die by David Jackson, and my god … what a book it is!!!

But first … Here’s the blurb …

Zaffre (6 April 2017)


On a bitterly cold winter’s night, Liverpool is left stunned by a brutal murder in the grounds of the city’s Anglican Cathedral. A killer is on the loose, driven by a chilling rage.

Put on the case, DS Nathan Cody is quickly stumped. Wherever he digs, the victim seems to be almost angelic – no-one has a bad word to say, let alone a motive for such a violent murder.

And Cody has other things on his mind too. The ghosts of his past are coming ever closer, and – still bearing the physical and mental scars – it’s all he can do to hold onto his sanity.

And then the killer strikes again . . .

My thoughts … 

Winter is here, Liverpool Cathedral and the snow is falling.

Can you picture the scene?

The stunning, red brick building, smattered with the softest white snow, the deep, wide stairs barely visible, the surrounding trees glistening whilst the branches, heavy with the snow fall, dance gently in the breeze … perfect for a romantic stroll … until you see the blood that is …

For this is the location of the first gruesome murder.

Bludgeoned to death in what appears to be the most random of crimes, DS Nathan Cody and his team are struggling to find any reason for this person to be dead. She seems almost too good to be true.

I absolutely loved this book! What a bloody belter!!!!

This is the first of Jackson’s books that I have had the pleasure of reading but it WILL NOT BE THE LAST!!!

His writing is strong and descriptive in that magical way that transports you straight to the scene so you can almost touch DS Cody and the team … Just brilliant!

Although this is the second book in the series, I did not feel left out having not read book one, there was enough information given about it for me to get a great understanding about what had happened, without, I suspect, boring those who had read it. DS Cody had a hard time in the last book and as he struggles to find the killer from the cathedral, his ghosts are coming back to haunt him, making for some seriously creepy scenes.

I quite simply adored Jackson’s writing. I couldn’t get enough to be honest. I love the dynamics he has created with the team, I love how they interact, how they care and how they all develop and take the lime light at times. I love how I was pulled into the pages, how the story gripped me from the start and how that feeling never let up (you know the one … where you literally cannot put the book down?!)

The background stories fill enough of the pages to bring the characters to life, to make them real and oh so likeable.

I cannot recommend this series enough and I will certainly be waiting with bated breath for the next instalment!!!

I was lucky enough to have this both in hardback and audio and both were utterly amazing. I jumped between the two depending on where I was and what I was doing. The narration from Jonathan Keeble was outstanding, to the point that I have downloaded some more books, just because he narrates them!!!

My thanks to Zaffre for my review copy of this book and also to Midas PR for the audio copy.

Now off you pop to get your copy either at

 Amazon UK or Audible.co.uk 

About the author …

David Jackson is the author of a series of crime thrillers featuring New York Detective Callum Doyle. His debut novel, Pariah, was Highly Commended in the Crime Writers’ Association Debut Dagger Awards. When not writing fiction, David spends his time as a lecturer in a university science department. He also gives occasional workshops on creative writing. He lives on the Wirral peninsula with his wife and two daughters. David can be followed on Twitter, where he goes under the name @Author_Dave.


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