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#Review #BlogTour Block 46 by Johana Gustawsson @JoGustawsson @OrendaBooks

I am over the moon for my stop on the blog tour for Johana Gustawsson’s novel, Block 46.

I was lucky enough to hear an extract of this read by the author back when the Orenda Roadshow hit Leeds a few months ago and my god, I’ve never looked at a spider the same since then!

Here’s the blurb …

Falkenberg, Sweden. The mutilated body of talented young jewellery designer, Linnea Blix, is found in a snow-swept marina.
Hampstead Heath, London. The body of a young boy is discovered with similar wounds to Linnea’s.
Buchenwald Concentration Camp, 1944. In the midst of the hell of the Holocaust, Erich Hebner will do anything to see himself as a human again.
Are the two murders the work of a serial killer, and how are they connected to shocking events at Buchenwald? Emily Roy, a profiler on loan to Scotland Yard from the Canadian Royal Mounted Police, joins up with Linnea’s friend, French true-crime writer Alexis Castells, to investigate the puzzling case. They travel between Sweden and London, and then deep into the past, as a startling and terrifying connection comes to light.
Plumbing the darkness and the horrific evidence of the nature of evil, Block 46 is a multi-layered, sweeping and evocative thriller that heralds a stunning new voice in French Noir.

My thoughts …

When Linnea Blix doesn’t turn up for her own jewellery range opening night, her family and friends begin to worry and rightly so as her body is soon to be discovered, murdered and mutilated, in a Swedish marina.

As the investigation starts to take shape, her best friend, Alexis Castells, and criminal profiler, Emily Roy team up to try and piece together the links between this case and a similar one in London, but what has Buchenwald Concentration Camp got to do with these murders, so many years later?

Well, what a bloody book!

Straight in a the deep end, Gustawsson takes us on a journey to discover how the past can impact the present and it is not a ride for the squeamish!

Chapter’s into the past show us the degradation and total humiliation shown to the prisoner’s of war in German concentrations camps, namely that shown to Erich, who is not only a prisoner, he is a German prisoner. These chapters are utterly heartbreaking and completely harrowing, not easy reading at all but written so brilliantly you cannot stop. You are there with the prisoners, yo are in the camp, seeing what they see, smelling what they smell, feeling what they feel, such is the brilliance of Gustawsson’s writing.

We are taken straight into the mind of the killer with chapters into their thoughts as the book progresses – what a twisted mind and one that will rock and shock you to your core! Gustawsson writes in a way that will capture you, she transports you into the pages as she weaves a web of intrigue and fear and creating a sense of foreboding that will chill you to your bones.

It’s amazing!

The coupling of Roy and Castells is genius, they are both wonderfully strong women who have channelled their past pains to shape them into these brilliantly strong and independent people. Their relationship is great and is one that I am really excited about seeing more of in the future.

Block 46 is wonderfully complex and well thought out debut novel that will knock your socks completely off!

You can get your copy over at Amazon UK and my thanks to the author and Orenda Books for having me on the tour.

About the author …

Born in 1978 in Marseille and with a degree in political science, Johana Gustawsson has worked as a journalist for the French press and television. She married a Swede and now lives in London. She was the co-author of a bestseller, On se retrouvera, published by Fayard Noir in France, whose television adaptation drew over 7 million viewers in June 2015. She is working on the next book in the Roy & Castells series.

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