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#Review Take A Chance on Me by Carol Wyer @carolewyer @bookouture

take-a-chance-on-me-by-carol-wyerBookouture (20 Sept. 2016)

The blurb . . .

A hilarious heart-warming read about friendship, taking chances and finding love, second time round.

When Charlie’s husband leaves after ten years of marriage, her spirits hit an all-time low. She just isn’t sure how to pick herself up again. So, best friend Mercedes makes it her mission to put a spring back in Charlie’s step with the perfect bucket list.

As Charlie bungee jumps and belly dances her way through an array of adventures, her love life also begins to look up and she’s soon enjoying a few dates as a newly single woman. She begins to realise that finding romance, might not be so hard, especially when you’ve got someone like journalist Jake who has an adorable little boy and is very easy on the eye.

But is Jake too good to be true? As Charlie’s challenges on the bucket list get bigger, so do her questions about Jake. Should she continue to hold out for the fairy-tale? Or is it only in rom coms that dreams can come true?

My thoughts . . .

Well I’ve been threatening to read another chick-lit book all year and here it is!

I took a chance (see what I did there? Did ya?!) on Carol Wyer’s Take a Chance on Me and I am so glad that I did!

We meet Charlie, almost forty, divorced and with a daughter who died, she is in a bit of a bad place. Cue the girly night in with best friend Mercedes on New Years Eve, the wine starts flowing and before their hangovers have a chance to kick in, they have both written a bucket list and, not only made a pact to complete everything on them, they have swapped lists!!! Not much of a problem right? Wrong, because you see, Mercedes is in a wheelchair, so part of the pact was that Charlie would complete all of the things that Mercedes can’t! First up . . . Belly dancing! What an absolute riot!

I love Charlie. Like really love her. She is brilliant. At a time in her life when she should be really starting to enjoy herself, she’s not. She’s just plodding along and to make things worse, her ex has moved on. Devastating. But she has her amazing best friend Mercedes on hand to love her, and boy does she!

Charlie’s daughter died several years before and the grief she stills hold on to is so evident on the pages, having lost a child myself I felt it. It was real. I sobbed, and sobbed, then sobbed some more.

This is a book about so much more than a middle-aged woman jumping out of planes and zorbing (did you make that up Carol?) it is about learning to love yourself, it’s about getting back on track after heartbreak and it’s about friendship. Real, true friendship. It’s about drawing down on everything you have and finding that inner-strength to go on and live, not just exist.

Each and every character could be your next door neighbour. They are real. They are true. They are loveable. Take a Chance on Me is the most uplifting book I have ever read and it will stay with me forever.

And ever.

I’d like to thank Carol and the Bookouture team for sending me a copy in exchange for my honest review.

About the author . . .

Carol E. Wyer is an award-winning author whose humorous books take a light-hearted look at getting older and encourage others to age disgracefully. Her book Grumpy Old Menopause won The People’s Book Prize Award for non-fiction 2015.
Carol has been interviewed on numerous radio shows discussing ‘Irritable Male Syndrome’ and ‘Ageing Disgracefully’ and on BBC Breakfast television. She has had articles published in national magazines ‘Woman’s Weekly’ featured in ‘Take A Break’, ‘Choice’, ‘Yours’ and ‘Woman’s Own’ magazines and writes regularly for The Huffington Post.
Recently, she took a crash course in stand up comedy and now tours to sell out audiences with her comedy talk ‘Smile While You Still Have Teeth’.
Carol is a signed author with Bookouture and Delancey Press.

To learn more about Carol: 

Follow Carol on Twitter: @carolewyer.

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