#AuthorTakeover with author Katrina Hart @KatrinaHart2015 ‏ @PilrigPress

I am handing over the blogging reigns to author Katrina Hart today.

Katrina has published several novels to date and she is bringing along a character from her debut novel, Finding Destiny, to give us her thoughts on one of the novel’s locations …

The Field of Difference: from the eyes of Missy Talk Alot

My name is Missy Talk Alot. If any of you cutie-pies out there ever wondered… I was once a free spirit, not seeing the mess and destruction of change just focused on my life, and on where I wanted to be. Now I’m still stuck in this rubbish pit, waiting among the broken pieces of the others that the half-breeds dumped here.

The others will be coming out of the green sludge soon, their dirty arms, legs and claws searching for another body to drag down into the soil and break down for parts just like they had been. It’s not their fault they were moulded, by a leader hungry for control. But tonight feels more alarming than most, the robot who had once landed down here and I’d actually got used to having  him around, left me for a whole other adventure with a human no less. I could just kick his rusty body right now with my plastic foot.

The night air is picking up now and my ripped dress is blowing the gloppy sludge all over my face, as I wipe it away I can see their shadows forming under the moonlight. Their giggly historic voices are calling  me in hushed tones. I wonder how many years more will I have to run and hide or walk around a place with no exit point? I have had many failed escapes. But as the moon rises and the song of those emerging from the green soil vibrate through the air. I shudder and move closer to the bark of a tree

I look over to see green, yellow and red piercing eyes rolling around a dirty plastic face. One of the damaged souls creeps out of the soil, his barely covered body emerges and he walks towards me calling ‘Come little dolly into the sludge, you’ll be as haunting as all of us’ he runs toward me, his feet slipping in the mud.

I stand, I turn and I run, I run past trees, past the hooting of crazy owl.  I hear him calling my name in a creepy sing song voice. I feel myself trip on my dress, I’m falling and falling, then, I’m no longer running, something  has happened to me, but what I don’t know yet…

If you want to find out more about Missy Talk Alot and whether she ever got out of The Field of Difference, you’ll find her inside the pages of Finding Destiny….

(Note: This is not a scene from the book just Miss Talk Alot’s take on The Field of Difference.)  

Displaying Finding-Destiny lr (2).jpg

When eighteen year old Alex’s little sister’s pony goes missing, he sets out to look for her and finds himself in a strange gypsy camp in the middle of a forest. The pony is being cared for by a young girl called Faith. When Alex accepts a drink from Faith’s grandmother, he wakes up later to find himself transported into 2038 to a technologically-advanced, very colourful world inhabited by humans and robots. Alex soon discovers that he is now twenty, married and has a magical little baby girl. A magic he only seems to notice. He soon finds out that he will have to defend his little girl from the half-breeds with everything he has. He travels back through the magic pages of books to try and save her before it is too late and she is lost from him forever

You can get your copy over at Amazon UK

Thank you so much for joining me today Katrina! I LOVE seeing things through the eyes of a character!!

If you’re an author and you have a character with a voice they are just desperate to share with the word, drop me a message through my contact form using #AuthorTakeover as the subject 🙂


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