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Good morning bookworms,

It’s my turn on the blog tour for Ann Evans latest novel, Kill or Die today and I am handing over the blogging reigns to Ann herself, so, without further ado …

Variety is the spice of life.

Firstly, thank you so much for hosting me on your blog. It is very much appreciated. 

As well as writing fiction, I’ve been writing non-fiction for the same length of time. Once I’d caught that writing bug there was no stopping me. I was writing stories, articles, poems, pantomimes – you name it and I’d be writing about it! 

Bringing up three children, and helping my husband with his motor repair business somehow still allowed time to write. And that was how I would spend every spare moment.  Doing the ironing was my favourite way of thinking up new stories, and if I finished the ironing before I’d got an idea clear in my head, I’d be scouting around the wardrobes looking for more ironing – yes insane, I know! 

With the kids at primary school, a group of us mums at the school gates got together to form a pantomime group, staging shows every January. The money raised went back into school funds.  I’d write the scripts, direct the production (yes, a bit of a control freak!) and occasionally play a small part – including the back end of a cow! 

With an interest in other people’s hobbies, pets and jobs, I was soon writing articles for a number of different magazines, and that led to a feature writing job with my local daily newspaper, The Coventry Telegraph. Writing articles can just be so much fun – but it doesn’t come without its perils and pitfalls! 

Standing in a field of Asian Buffalo to interview the farmer wasn’t for the feint hearted. Nor accompanying a trainee arms and explosives Army dog on helicopter flights to see how the dog coped…The dog was fine – what about me!! Actually, it was amazing. Speeding down the Thames Estuary with the Marine Police was brilliant, but boy, was I glad to be harnessed safely in – especially when sea-sickness finally took its toll.  Then there was lunch plus interview with Darth Vader and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre star Leatherface (alias Dave Prowse and Gunnar Hansen) – two dastardly villains, but actually really nice chaps. 

Sometimes the things you write about for a non-fiction article form the basis for a fictional story. This happened with By My Side, a short YA book for reluctant readers. I’d researched and interview people at Support Dogs regarding Seizure Alert Dogs, and was able to weave a fictional story around the great work that this charity does. It’s a bit of a weepy though – but in a good way! 

I think the reason I love writing so much is because of the variety, it really is the spice of life.  

Thank you for letting me ramble on. Happy reading.

It’s my absolute pleasure to have had you here Ann, thank you for such a great post!

Want to know more about the book? Here’s the blurb …

A vicious burglary goes horribly wrong when an elderly victim is killed and one of the burglars is injured.  

In the detached house next door, Julia is preparing to leave her husband.  He has let her down for the last time and her bags are packed. Taking their eight-year-old daughter, Lucy, from her bed they set off in the fog.  

But on this cold, dark night, fate steps in and these strangers collide.  

When Vincent and Nash abduct the mother and daughter, and take them to a derelict house, the situation takes a grave turn.  

Meanwhile, Julia’s husband, Ian, is distraught that his wife and daughter have left, and when the murder and burglary are discovered, suspicion falls on him. 

For Ian, Julia and Lucy, life is about to become a nightmare. 

Can Julia and Lucy escape from the twisted criminals? 

What will Julia decide when the choice is –  kill or die? 

Sound good? Get your copy over at Amazon UK and be sure to follow the rest of the tour …

About the author …

I’ve always loved writing. What started as a hobby has now become a way of life. My children’s and YA books have been published by Scholastic Children’s Books, Usborne Publishing, Penguin Australia, Hometown World, Badger Learning and Astraea Press (Clean Reads). Plus there are a number of adults books published under my pen name of Ann Carroll – and more in the pipeline. The Beast published by Usborne won the raring2read category in the Coventry Literary Book Festival 2013. 2017 sees three new books being published, another YA reluctant reader book for Badger Learning entitled Keeper. An historical romance called A Place to Belong, and a crime thriller – working title Kill or Die with Bloodhound Books.
When I’m not writing I do school visits, run workshops and give talks.
My non-fiction career spans the last 30 years which includes 13 years at the Coventry Telegraph as a staff feature writer plus a great many freelance articles on a wide range of topics.   

Website:    http://www.annevansbooks.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ann-Evans-Books

Twitter:    https://twitter.com/annevansauthor

Blog:   http://annsawriter.blogspot.com




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