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RandomRambling ~ Does Size Matter? #DoesSizeMatter #AmReading #Bloggers #Books #Bookworms #BookBloggers

Good morning lovely readers,

Well it’s Monday, it’s raining, I’m curled up on the sofa under my duvet and all I can think about is whether size really does matter?

What got me thinking about this you might wonder, well, I’m currently comparing the difference between the size of the ARC of Peter James’ Need You Dead with my Kindle and the difference is MASSIVE!!!

Looking at my bookcase there are so many books of different sizes but one thing I have noticed is that the majority of the books I have bought are ‘small’ and by that I mean that I am able to hold it in one hand . . .

I was up most of the night reading Need You Dead and it is MASSIVE!!!

Too big to hold in the way above, take a look . . .

Not only is it bigger in width and height, it is much thicker too . . .

But then again, my Kindle is tiny compared to these two!

It really got me thinking about whether I have been put off a book in the past due to it’s size?

I must admit that sometimes I look at a physical book and am slightly daunted at the thought of starting it due to the size, I just think I’ll never be able to read all that, but if I have a large book on my Kindle, that thought never crosses my mind, obviously because I can’t see how big it is in real life.

Now I’m not saying it affects my enjoyment of the book in question at all, however, I can’t help but wonder what the thought process of the publishers and authors is behind different sized books like this?

And readers, what are your thoughts? Do you like the larger sized books? Do you prefer the smaller option? What about the thickness? Do you get daunted by larger books?

Does size really matter folks?!?

Please let me know in the comments below, I would really to hear your thoughts on this!

Have a super day and keep reading,

Emma x

9 thoughts on “RandomRambling ~ Does Size Matter? #DoesSizeMatter #AmReading #Bloggers #Books #Bookworms #BookBloggers

  1. Well, I read the A Song of Fire and Ice series (Game of Thrones) so no, I don’t find larger books daunting at all. Those though were ridiculously heavy since they have like 1500 pages or something. So I read the last two on my kindle to spare myself the cramp in arms and hands. 😀

    Oddly enough, what annoys me the most is when I have different sized books on a bookshelf. It’s kind of like frames that aren’t hanging straight. Drives me insane.


    1. That’s totally part of it, saving the achy arms and hands that comes with the larger books.

      And YES! My OCD does not like the different sized books, I like to have my books in author order and if they have them all in different sizes it looks odd and I don’t like it 🙂 I also have an issue on one book shelf where the larger books don’t actually fit which is really annoying!

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  2. I used to read big, fat, meaty books which you could lose yourself in. Now I’d think twice, partly due to having to lug it around with me, and partly for how long it’ll take to read! That’s not to say I’ve not read any big books recently, but I seem to be tending towards the shorter recently.


    1. In terms of taking books with you, the Kindle is a god-send for the larger books. As Dee commented below, she read the Game of Thrones books on her Kindle purely to save her hands and arms, which is a massive thing, the last thing you want is to be in pain or uncomfortable whilst reading!


      1. Indeed! That said, I’ve got a couple of new books in hardback to read – they look lovely on the shelf, but I’m reluctant to take them into work to read on the train/at lunch as I don’t want the covers to get wrecked in my bag!


  3. I can get totally daunted by size. If I’m looking at something light to read and the kindle says the average reader takes 8 hours to finish the book, I don’t even start. Nope.


  4. As a reader, I prefer larger, thicker books with more content. I do occasionally read smaller books in a single sitting or during the course of a day or two, but would rather spend some time getting to know the characters and nuances involved in the plot and sub-plots.

    As an author, I seem unable to write short books. My first novel is nearly 600 pages, and the second book is over 460 pages. I have no trouble holding them in one hand, but I also have large hands… lol


  5. I’m definitely put off by a big book, unless of course it’s a large print one from the library and then I don’t mind. I always check the number of pages on Goodreads before requesting an arc, especially if it’s in a different genre to what I normally read.


  6. I don’t tend to read many ‘large’ books. I think the ‘biggest’ I have read was 11/22/63 back in 2012 for a book club I was in. It’s a tome of a book, but I loved it! I want read Outlander but those are ‘huge’! Now with blogging, I’m not sure when I will get to it! Too many to review! lol (I’m sure all bloggers know this problem!)

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