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I am delighted to be kicking off the blog tour on behalf of The Opinionated Dad today. He is having some technical issues, oh the joys!

I have a great guest post from author Maxine Barry to share with you, all about her Road to Publication . . .

Every book starts with an idea, or premise. Sometimes, very little research is needed before you can actually start the exciting process of beginning the first chapter. (And there’s nothing more satisfying – or terrifying – than sitting down at your computer, looking at the blank screen facing you and writing the words CHAPTER ONE.) But if you are writing – say – about Hawaii (where you might not ever have been) and your main character runs a scuba-diving club (and you’ve never dived) then it’s possible that you may end up spending more time researching a novel, writing character analysis and developing plot-lines, than in the actual writing of the novel itself! 

Once I’ve written a novel, I then send it to my literary agent, Kate Nash, and wait nervously, hoping that she’ll like it. Usually I hear from her within a few weeks, hopefully with the good news that she’s given it the thumbs up. Then comes another long and nervous wait whilst I wait to see if she can find a publisher for it. And although I’ve now had over 45 novels published during my 25-year career, there’s still no guarantee that that will happen! Writing is a very uncertain and solitary business and is no way to earn a living unless you’re either (a) a bit mad; (b) simply love writing and couldn’t stop even if you tried; or (c) quickly learn how to budget your erratic income properly (and ideally, all three!). The publishing industry is always changing and I know that first-time writers are finding it harder and harder to get published.

But once my novel is placed, I can then breathe a sigh of relief that the last 4-6 months of hard work that I’ve spent writing it hasn’t all been in vain. I can then look forward to the signing of the contracts, and later still, my first glimpse of the artwork for the cover. This is always a nice moment, as it gives me my first visual image of what the actual physical book will look like, that will one day be in a reader’s hand. And I almost always agree with the covers proposed, as I believe the art departments of publishers are more tuned in to what is likely to catch a reader’s eye, than I am! Then comes the day when I receive the ‘proofs’ which need to checked for errors, and finally, I’m informed of the publication date when the book will become available in the shops and libraries. I then get to tell all my (by now totally uninterested!) friends and family when they can buy a copy. Most authors also get some complimentary copies in advance, and I always take one of these and proudly put it on my bookshelf to join the others.

Of course, by this point, I’m already well into writing/researching/plotting my next novel, and so my mind is taken up with this new project! But even after having so many romances and crime novels published, I never take it for granted, and it’s always wonderful to stop and think that all my hard work and creative activity has paid off and that another novel will be read (and hopefully appreciated) by others. I think most authors would agree, it makes your day when you get a letter or Twitter message from readers, telling you that they’ve read something of yours and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

What a great insight Maxine! Thank you for joining me today!

Imposters in Paradise is out now and you can get your copy over at Amazon UK

Here’s the blurb . .

Imposters in Paradise (Romantic, Passionate, Thrilling Escapes Book 1) by [Barry, Maxine]

Thrills, spills and a page-turner of a romantic mystery.’ Mandy Baggot

When Imogen Dacres’ brother, Robbie, dies in mysterious circumstances, she travels to Bermuda in search of the truth. From the minute she sets out on her journey, Imogen is plunged into a web of secrets, lies and mistaken identity. She soon realises that beneath the glamour of Bermuda, there are dangerous forces intent on doing her harm.

Imogen meets Morgan Dax, her brother’s boss, and one of the richest men on the island, and there is a powerful attraction between them. But did Dax have a hand in Robbie’s death, and can Imogen trust him with her own life?

This standalone, gripping romantic adventure is the first in the Romantic, Passionate, Thrilling Escapes series. Fast-paced plots with strong heroines, sexy heroes and sinister villains in exotic locations – they’re the perfect escape!


I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below :-)

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