#Bookhangover with #BookBlogger #CrimeBookJunkie Noelle Holten @nholten40

Woo Hoo! Hand’s up who has the Friday feeling?! Thank Crunchie it’s here right!

Well I have a super treat for you today, I have a super special #bookhangover guest for you . . . A lady who needs no introduction but in keeping with the format of the feature, here goes . . .

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Noelle and in real life, I am a Senior Probation Officer. I work with two teams, one of which is based in a police station where I get to work closely with the police and a specialised treatment team for substance misusers. I manage a team of ten Officers across two sites with some of the most prolific offenders in my area.  I have also just been fortunate enough to be taken on by Bookouture (OMFG!) and Britain’s Next Best Seller (Eeekkk!) on a freelance basis! #DreamComeTrue 

Noelle also runs one of THE best book blogs, #CrimeBookJunkie

What gives you an actual hangover?

Easy – Vodka – (mixed with tonic or cranberry juice) though after being teetotal for over ten years through my own choice (#Non-alcoholic), my tolerance seems to be quite high and hangovers rare.  #MustBeTheIrishInMe – I only drink (a lot I might add) when I go out . . . and that is not often! I swear! 

What TV programme?

I actually watch very little TV, but The Walking Dead (up until the current season) and now Game of Thrones are two series that leave me gagging for more!

The Walking Dead has certainly turned pants recently! I’ve not even watched this season!!!

What film?

Tough one.  I love The Shawshank Redemption but I am also a sucker for Bridget Jones’ Diary!  

What song?

The Killers – Mr Brightside – I mean c’mon!  What a song!!! 

What food?

Cheesecake – proper, tangy, real crumble bottom cheesecake . . . none of that imitation stuff . . . hmmm . . . I want cheesecake now! 

Which person/people?

Far too many to mention! #AllTheBloggers, #AllTheAuthors, my family, friends and my main man #Buster bear! 

And finally, … Which book?

No fair!  Again so many . . . and I am going to cheat . . . But For The Grace Of God by Paul Grzegorzek is my #BookSoulMate – I have read this book (in various forms and rewrites) over eight times in the last few years and it gives me a proper #BookHangover and then there is Graham Smith and his #DIHarryEvans series . . . I simply adored I Know Your Secret and have also read this book over 4 times since last year.  

So there you go!  Thank you so much for including me.  I could have gone on to write a novel for each answer…except number 6 – #ThereCanBeOnlyOne 😂😘

Thank you Noelle! I listen to Mr Brightside nearly every day! It is just such a fantastic song and Shawshank, well, I think it’s been mentioned in this feature about a million times already, it’s ageless!

It has been fantastic getting to know you better today my lovely, I’ll buy cheesecake when we finally meet in person!!

Have a super day everyone xx

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