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#CharacterSpotlight #JasperBarnes with #author @ColetteKebell

Good morning lovelies!

How are you all today? Good I hope! It’s time for the second instalment of my new feature where authors introduce us to the characters in their stories and today I am delighted to welcome Colette Kebell.

As it’s vino time somewhere in the world, Colette has brought a lovely bottle of St Emilion  (which is a red wine) and a Haut Medoc or Rioja, she did request a lovely cup of decaf tea but the laws of discussing character building insist that alcohol is consumed! We are lining our stomachs with some delicious Coffee Éclairs and a cheeky slice of Triple Ginger Carrot Cake! Well, it is Tuesday so why not?!?!

So, back to the spotlight, Colette, who are we meeting today?

The character I’ve chosen to introduce to you is Jasper Barnes, who is an entrepreneur, divorced and has a daughter, whom he had at quite a young age.  He considers himself to be good  mannered and meticulously dressed and from a rather well-to-do family.  He doesn’t mean to brag, but does relish his life significantly, being brought up into a family that enjoyed the finer things.  He is the villain of the piece in Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen! (Or so Mother Says).

When did you create him?

Jasper Barnes came to life in my book from the very first page.  He approaches my protagonist for some advice, as a ruse.  He is one of the main characters and so he needed to be there from the beginning.  He is the villain of the piece and does get up to some rather dastardly things. He came about as I just couldn’t write a story without a villain or alter ego, as it were.

Did you write the book to accommodate Jasper or Jasper to accommodate the book?

The book was written to accommodate the characters.  I hadn’t even named them at the beginning or started off with different names, then found ones that I considered to be more suitable, for the characters of my story.

 What do you like most about Jasper?

Well he is a scoundrel, so there isn’t much to like about him, but that drew me to the character.  He starts off coming across as a fairly decent guy, but by the end of the story I consider even I almost hated him and his antics.   His best feature, according to my protagonist is his rear end, which when she first saw him drew her to him.  I, myself, like a nice firm backside on a man so that part at least, came fairly easily [don’t we all!!!]

What do you like least about Jasper?

I least like the way he behaves towards my protagonist as the story unfolds.  He is arrogant, far too full of himself and just won’t accept defeat, to his undoing, thankfully.

Did your early readers/editorial team like Jasper to start with or did you have to change him in any way?

I didn’t have an editorial team as such, just myself, my husband and my copy editor.  My copy editor didn’t pass judgment on any of my characters and as far as readers are concerned, they’ve mostly latched onto my protagonist, rather than the slippery, upper crust Jasper Barnes.

Does Jasper have any similarities with anyone real?

Jasper Barnes is a fictional character, unlike some of my other ones, whom have been very loosely centred on either myself or my husband, and therefore hasn’t been based on anyone in real life.  I have come across a good few rogues in my life (though not to Jasper’s extent, I hasten to add), but couldn’t say that I created Jasper Barnes due to having known any of them.

What are your plans for them?

Jasper Barnes shall probably make a return in the sequel to Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen! (Or so Mother Says), though he does come a little undone towards the end of that book.  As I have, for the time being at least, moved on to a fresh new book rather than the sequel, so I have yet to decide what other  deeds he might construct or scupper, as far as my protagonist is concerned. 

Would you be friends in real life?

When he is at his best he can be quite charming… Would we be friends though in real life?… hell no!!!  Who would want to befriend someone who is just going to stab them in the back at every possible turn?  I guess, being the anti-hero of my book, allows me to be able to say that with some ease. 

Thank you so much for introducing us to Jasper Colette! He sounds like an absolute scoundrel!

Does Jasper sound like the kind of baddie you’d like to read about? Well here’s the blurb . . .

colette-kebellGiGi (well, Griselda Griswald actually, but everybody calls her GiGi) is a woman with a mission: to help people improve the way they look, increase their self-esteem, and eventually, make them happier. Being a personal shopper is a dark art, with few tangible rewards. Spread by word of mouth, her clients would never admit they needed her assistance. Not even if they were put under torture. Let us be honest, who would admit to being in need of a style consultant?

It is like being an alcoholic: the first step is to admit you need help, and acknowledge that that pair of leggings, now that you are in your mid-fifties, do not suit you anymore. When you have recognized it, you are on the path to recovery, and GiGi’s services will help you, despite her mother nagging that what she is doing is not a “real” job.
People need advice and often a fresh point of view helps in rejuvenating a wardrobe that, with time, has become boring. Would they admit it? Not a chance!

So, it is just a matter of going around and helping people buying clothes and shoes?
Not quite so. Money is tight; GiGi has to work with rich and very eccentric people, who often do not have any idea about what they want. She and her business partner Ritchie are in a constant struggle to keep the business afloat, but as they say in Dragon’s Den, she is very investable. But, with success comes the difficulties, the Battersea Fashion Center is going to open soon, just opposite of her office, and they claim they will be fierce competitors.

A powerful enemy is lining up ready to make a meal out of her, knowing very well that GiGi’s approach, eventually, will make her a force to be reckon with. Whilst she invents new ways to make her consultancy firm successful, she finds who could be the love of her life, thanks to some of her best friends.

The business is eventually expanding and they take on board new partners along the way, making them one of the most influential fashion consultancy firms in London. But, with a very demanding job, hours and hours spent working, will she be able to balance her career and her private life?

Will she reach a point where she loses focus on what is important in life?
Do not worry; mother is there to remind her, with her nagging.

Sound’s great right? Get your copies using the following links:

http://www.mybook.to/RT and http://www.mybook.to/BandG

Thank you so much for bringing such gorgeous cakes and wine Colette! I’ve loved having you here and getting to know Jasper 🙂

What do you think folks? Does Jasper sound like the kind of baddie you’d like? Does the fact he has a lovely bottom make a little less bad? Or do charming baddies not float your boat?

Let Colette and I know in the comments below and have a super day x



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