#bookhangover with #bookblogger Lorraine Rugman @ReviewCafe

Woo Hoo! It’s #bookhangover day!! At last!!

Today’s guest is a rather special lady, it’s only Lorraine flipping Rugman, book blogger extraordinaire!

I can’t wait to find out all about her so lets get started . . .

Who are you and what do you do?

 My name is Lorraine and after I was made redundant just before Christmas, I am actually starting a new job on Monday next week! I am also a book blogger, my blog is The Book Review Cafe and it’s been up and running for just over a year now.  

It’s a fantastic blog folks, if you don’t already, you really should be following it!

What gives you an actual hangover? 

Lager! I used to be able to go out and drink 7-8 pints no problem [WOW!] but as I’m getting older if I have more than a couple I spend the rest of my night with my head down the toilet, and the next day I’m fit for nothing and have the mother of all hangovers, so I tend to avoid it now. 

What TV programme? 

It’s got to be The Walking Dead it’s a programme I cannot miss, I’ve watched every episode. Mind you I did love Sons Of Anarchy now that really gave me a hangover ~ I sobbed my heart out when it ended 

I loved SOA!! They are doing a series about the Mayans that will show their story during the Jax Teller era – The whole SOA Club might make appearances to keep it authentic apparently!!

What film? 

The Shawshank Redemption I never tire of this film, I’ve  lost count of the number of times I’ve seen it. 

Snap ~ I’m on viewing number 6739789920317594

What song? 

(Everything I Do) I Do For You by Bryan Adams. It was the only song that would send my then baby boy to sleep at the time (way back in 1991 🙈 Never mind ‘way’ back in ’91 . . . I was born in that year . . . honest . . . Plus VAT . . . And a tip ) Every time I hear it brings back lovely memories of being with him.

For the young ones reading this, this song is the soundtrack to Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves, a great film starring Kevin Costner. The song hit the charts in July 1991 and stayed in the number one spot for 16 consecutive weeks! No other song has ever done that!!

Anyway . . . Back to it . . .

What food? 

Chocolate! I’m a chocoholic I would eat it at every meal if I could. Although my husband does do a mean pan fried duck breast with Dauphinoise and a salad now I could eat that every day of the week! 

Which person/people? 

My husband, son and family without them life would be pretty boring. Andy, my husband, has and will always be my best friend and supporter. Bless him he even proof reads my blog posts for me as my spelling and grammar are truly cringe worthy. 

And finally … Which book? 

Oh there are so many books that have given me a book hangover and I truly can’t choose between A Suitable Lie by Michael J Malone and The Mountain in My Shoe by Louise Beech – I’m sorry Emma but I really can’t decide! 

Having read both books Lorraine, I’m actually going to let you have them both! They are both superb!  

Thank you so much for being here, it has been great getting to know you better!  You can keep up with Lorraine and her new job on her Facebook and Twitter sites too 🙂


Twitter: @reviewcafe


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