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Good morning lovelies, hope you are having a great morning so far!

Today I am bringing you my review of the debut novel by Jim Ody, Lost Connections. Jim and I got talking through the super brilliant Crime Fiction Addict group on Facebook. The post was for authors who would be willing to write a short story for an anthology of crime/horror stories to be put together by the team over at Bloodhound Books to raise money for charity. Loads and loads of authors were chatting away and offering their services and I wanted to help too, so I offered to proofread any of the submissions free of charge.

Jim took me up on that offer and, I helped pick up a typo or two in his short story The Moth Jar, which was published in the book, Dark Minds which is available to buy now

Any way, Jim kindly sent me a copy of his debut novel, Lost Connections and my oh my, what a book it is!

Here’s the blurb . . .


What would you do if the most important person to you had been kidnapped? One minute your daughter is there, and the next she has been bundled into a van right under your nose. They want something of your father’s. You don’t know what that is, and your father mysteriously disappeared over 7 years ago. Going to the police is not an option. And the answers will slowly appear in the most unlikely of places. As single-parent Eddie’s world falls apart, an unlikely alliance forms between friends and neighbours who put their differences aside, to help get his daughter Daisy back. As the mystery unfolds a huge secret is uncovered that not only will affect Eddie and his family, but the whole of mankind… Only the truth will set his daughter free.

My thoughts . . .

We are immediately thrown in the deep end with Lost Connections, Eddie’s daughter is kidnapped and his father has disappeared, all within the first five pages! Talk about hooking you in!

Jim is very cleaver in his writing, starting at the end and then flashing back through the view points of several characters, building up to reveal the reasons behind his daughters kidnapping.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know about the special shelf I have for those authors who manage to do the whole past/present flashback plot lines. These are typically told in the first person, but not for Jim, Jim brings us a web of past and present flashbacks from several different characters – without confusing or hindering the story. Bravo Jim, BRAVO!

It works so well as Jim is a fantastic story teller, the characters are so interesting and realistic that it is hard not to get sucked into their world and feel what they are feeling. A nicely paced build up across the first half of the book brings us to a speedier pace as the secrets start to be revealed, leading a gripping, edge of your seat read that will literally leave you wondering what the heck just happened!

Jim manages to bring mystery, crime, humour, love, loss and suspense all at once and do you know what?

It works.

Really well!

Lost Connections is a really strong start to what I can only imagine will be a fantastic writing career for this author, Jim Ody is definitely one to watch out for in 2017!!

Many thanks again Jim for sending me a copy, as you know, it has a place on my special book shelf!

Now go and get your copies over at Amazon UK and Amazon US

About the author . . .

authorAs a child Jim wanted to be a truck driver – more specifically Kris Kristofferson in the movie ‘Convoy’, however somehow this never happened, nor did he ever smuggle moonshine in Hazzard County, find treasure with his buddies in the Goondocks, or hunt sharks on Amity Island. He did win ‘The Spirit Of Judo’ award as a seven-year-old, and have published his design of a ‘Dog-Walking Machine’ in an English text book at the age of ten; so every cloud and all of that…

Jim has had poems and articles published on a number of websites, and for eight years, was a weekly music reviewer for a popular music website where he got to meet bands and see free gigs.

‘Lost Connections’ is his first published book. Jim lives with his wife and three children in Swindon, Wiltshire, and is currently writing his next novel; and more than likely eating chocolate.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below :-)

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