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#bookhangover with Angela Marsons @WriteAngie @bookouture

Please just bear with me while I do another happy dance …

I am absolutely over the flipping moon to welcome one of my favourite authors EVER to #ETLBW HQ today, this lady is such an amazing writer and I can’t help but be completely awe struck that she is here! Angela Marsons brought us the utterly brilliant D.I. Kim Stone series, you can see my review of the most recent one, Blood Lines, here

She really doesn’t need any introductions but I do like to be consistent on my blog so here goes . . .

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Angela Marsons and I am a crime writer from the Black Country. My partner and I are owned by a cream Labrador and an African Grey parrot. I have been writing full time since April last year.

What gives you an actual hangover?

Anything. I am the world’s worst drinker. It takes very little alcohol to affect me and I tend to flop in the throes of tipsiness. One minute I’m laughing and joking and the next I’m asleep.

What TV programme?

The West Wing. For me this TV series had everything. It had drama, humour, amazing storylines and characters that jumped out from the screen. I have watched the box sets more times than I can count and still shed tears and laugh out loud at some episodes.

What film?

A Few Good Men (also by Aaron Sorkin – creator of The West Wing). For me this film is the example of perfect writing. Not one scene or sentence is wasted in this film and I also respect that the writer avoided romance between the two main characters as the story just didn’t need it.

What song?

I love anything by Sarah McLachlan and I my favourite would have to be the song ‘Fear’. The haunting voice and lyrics have me replaying it over and over again. I also love Delirium and Evanescence.

What food?

Oh so much to choose from. I would have to settle on Pizza. I can just as easily eat leftover pizza and enjoy it just as much as the night before. My favourite would be chicken and sweetcorn.

What person/people?

Without doubt my partner, Julie. We have been together for over 30 years and she has been on this journey with me every step of the way. She kept the faith even when I couldn’t. I believe that everyone should have a Julie!

Finally, which book?

Disclosure by Michael Crichton. It was the only book that ever caused me to call in sick for work. I just couldn’t put it down. His skill in posing questions and revealing answers pulled me through in one late night sitting.

Thank you so much Angela! It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you a little better, I’m off to watch A Few Good Men (You can’t handle the truth!) again while I download The West Wing, heard many good things about it!

Book 5 in the D.I. Kim Stone is now available to buy over at Amazon UK – go on … off you go!


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