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**Blog Tour** #Review How To Seduce Your Wife by Andy Gibney @3PPublishing1

I am delighted to be opening the blog tour for How To Seduce Your Wife today, it is completely not the kind of book I normally read but I am really glad I did!

seduce-your-wife-front-coverThe blurb . . .

It is impossible to have an affair with a happily married woman and yet every year people are doing just that. Seeking happiness elsewhere. In the age of technology and smart phones we are more disconnected than we’ve ever been. “How to seduce your wife (or anyone else’s) seeks to address this.
If “50 Shades” allowed women to talk openly about sex this book takes it further and argues that there needs to be more romance as well as great sex. That’s not a box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers romance this is soul reaching, heart stopping romance.
The author, Andy Gibney, uses his experience as a therapist as well as first hand accounts to give voice to women speaking to men about exactly what they want. Every man can learn from this book and every woman will want to read it.

My thoughts . . .

Andy takes us on an almost biographical journey through the changes that technology have made on modern relationships and allows us an insight into what we can to do ensure our significant other stays happy.

As a woman, it was really interesting to read this from a man’s point of view, Andy delivers a really well written and concise narrative on what really matters when it comes to relationships.

There are some laugh out loud moments and some moments that I shared with my husband (but to be fair he doesn’t need the advice ’cause he’s great!)

This book is definatly aimed at men, and I really think it is a book that many will enjoy, but it’s a great read for women too. I can’t go into much more detail as you will take away from it something different to what I did, but I would highly recommend this book – certainly if you are struggling to find a Christmas present for the man in your life!

About the author . . .


For 12 years Andy Gibney was a therapist. His first clients wanted help with phobias, stopping smoking and losing weight, but gradually more and more people came to see him with depression and anxiety and he found the cause of many of their problems could be traced back to the quality of their relationship. He also came out of a long term relationship and found himself on the dating scene. The internet had changed everything and he found many new experiences were now available to him. Much of this book comes from those times of working with clients and his adventures of an interesting kind.




How To Seduce Your Wife was self-published by Andy’s own publishing hose, 3P Publishing back in February 2015 and is available to buy now over at Amazon UK

Be sure to follow the rest of the tour this week where you will find all sorts of reviews and extracts!


I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below :-)

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