**Review** Magic is Real by Natalie Bell @misterhpe


This is a really special book to me as it was written by my wonderful sister-in-law Natalie Bell.

Magic is Real tells the story of Little Mouse, who wants to know what is at the top of the mountain. Big Mouse tells Little Mouse that there is magic at the top so Little Mouse climbs the mountain to discover what magic is.

My kids adore this book, and why wouldn’t they? It is a really beautiful story filled with love, bravery, courage and friendship. The illustrations, by Mister Hope, are adorable!

Now, obviously there are no dead bodies in this, it isn’t a crime or psychological thriller, nor a police procedural, which you would typically find me wittering about, but it is a great book for children. It has everything that other kids books have and more! The repetitive wording to help children remember the story (which Logan knows off by heart almost!), gorgeous pictures and ultimately, a moral which children can easily understand.

Magic is Real will make an excellent Christmas present for any young child, please get in touch with Natalie and she will give you details on how to order. And I highly recommend that you do buy it! It is totally gorgeous!!!

Thank you my lovelies, have a great day!

Em xx

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