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#bookhangover with Alex Caan @alexcaanwriter @BonnierZaffre

I am delighted to welcome author Alex Caan to my #bookhangover feature today. I reviewed Alex’s debut novel Cut To The Bone earlier this year, you can read that here. The paperback was released yesterday and I couldn’t recommend it enough! But less of the book – I want to know more about Alex so . . .

Who are you and what do you do?

Hello, firstly thank you Emma for letting me do this. It’s a very refreshing idea and am glad to be part of it so early on!
So I’m Alex Caan, and I eat cake. Oh, and I also write novels. My debut crime thriller called Cut To The Bone has just been published as an eBook, and is out in paperback on November 3rd. As a day job I work in Information Security, obsess over cyber-crime and am also specialising in Terrorism Studies. And not so secretly I want to be Mr Kipling.

What gives you an actual hangover?

Sugar. Seriously. Cake and chocolate leave me reeling. Oh and sleep. Too much of it. And really I used to be able to sleep for twelve/thirteen hours, and be fine. Now if I sleep more than seven or eight hours, and disturbingly more than six some days, it leaves me tired and groggy all day. Why? If anyone can help feel free. Eating cake (did I already say that?) and sleeping are my favourite things to do.

What TV programme?

The X Files. I will never get over its cancellation, and when the revival happened I actually cried. Cut to the Bone has so many hangovers from it, whether it’s the dynamic between Kate-Zain or the complex conspiracies at the heart of it. It was so cutting edge and it still is, but it worked on so many levels, including sheer emotional impact as well as being the scariest and most thrilling series ever. There isn’t a single bad episode as far as I’m concerned.

What film?

Crash. It’s the only film I’ve ever watched not knowing who was in it, or what it was about, or who directed it. Literally it was a last minute late night pick at the cinema, and I experienced it with no preconceptions, and it just winded me. I wish I could do that again, but I rarely watch or read anything without seeing a blurb or trailer.

What song?

Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine. It’s like a mystic’s dream, beautiful, layered and surreal. Or Like A Prayer by Madonna. Again, there’s just something very spiritual about it.

What food?

Lol…will anyone be shocked if I say cake? But the one that really leaves me feeling hungover is bread and butter pudding. It’s got sin in every bite. I want some now.

What person/people?

Aid workers. Everyone from the people digging wells to the doctors and nurses risking it all to treat Ebola patients. That level of selflessness and charity, it’s something I couldn’t do and respect immensely those who do. Oh and my family of course. And my friends. And all the brilliant brilliant writers/bloggers/readers in crime world I’ve met. I basically love everyone. (I think I am hungover with cake atm).

Finally, which book?

That’s a tough one, books are my everything, I could never pick one. I’d swap my eight discs on a desert island for eight books. Or more likely eight bookcases. If absolutely forced to I’d take the complete works of Agatha Christie. Or Roald Dahl.

Thank you so much for joining me today Alex, I loved your debut novel and really can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!

You can pick up a copy at all good book shops or follow the link:

Amazon UK

Have a super day guys, I’m off to buy more cake as Alex ate everything in sight here this morning!!!

See you soon, love

Em xx


7 thoughts on “#bookhangover with Alex Caan @alexcaanwriter @BonnierZaffre

  1. Love this Emma! Alex is just one of the loveliest people I have ever met! So nice to know more about him but don’t tell him I make the best bread and butter pudding in the entire world lol. Although as none of my family like it I end up eating the whole thing myself. Loving this feature btw 😘😘


    1. I only married my hubby because he doesn’t like chocolate so I get it all! I also hide it from the kids! Ha ha #badmum

      I’ve not met Alex in person but since I reviewed Cut to the Bone we’ve had quite a few Twitter chats and then this, he really is a lovely guy and I’d love to take him for a slice of hit chocolate fudge cake with ice-cream!!

      Thank you, it does seem to go down really well, the response is always great and the people who take part always comment that they enjoyEd answering the questions . . . Let me know if you want to take part x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I would love to take part but I’m a very boring blogger and you have some fabulous authors taking part!
        I have already had orders for my cakes to take to Harrogate next year lol and I’m going to take Alex to Betty’s if we get a chance! Are you going to come along next year? Was so much fun this year x


      2. You try and stop me! I only live in Bradford, was far too nervous going solo last year but now I know people a lot better and a lot more people I will be there with bells on!

        I might have to gate crash the Betty’s visit! x

        Liked by 1 person

      3. The more the merrier-fellow cake lovers united!!! 😍🍰 It will be so much fun. There are loads of us so you will always have someone there to talk books too! Xx


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