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Random Ramblings – Angela Marsons & MacMillan Cancer Support @WriteAngie @MacMillanCancer

So there I was this morning, 8.30 a.m. and the taxi has just pulled up outside, 5 mins earlier than I’d booked it for, it’s beeping like mad, it’s peeing it down outside and Logan, my 4-year-old son is still having a poo . . . Then my phone pings . . . I looked at the screen and there, in that little circle thing that pops up when you have a Facebook private message, is the face of international best selling author and all-round wonderful lady, Angela Marsons.

I nearly fainted!

Those who read my book reviews and follow my Twitter will know that I am her biggest fan – EVER!!!!

The six words in that message got me all flustered – “Have you got a minute hun?” . . .  Well, yes, I have but actually, argh! No, I haven’t! I was wiping Logan’s backside whilst trying to walk him downstairs and pull his pants up and get the taxi driver to shut up beeping and not forget Logan’s book bag and zip his coat up and and and . . . I was flapping! And I NEVER flap! I’m quite a sensible, calm and controlled lady normally!

Anyways, I replied from the taxi explaining that yes I did have a minute, but could she possibly wait 10 minutes while I threw my son out of the taxi in the vicinity of school so I could hurry home and give her my undivided attention (I didn’t really throw him out of the taxi before someone rings Ester Rantzen . . . I handed him over to his teacher Mrs Jakes like a responsible parent don’t worry!)

Anyway . . .

All sorts of things were running through my mind on that 3 minute car journey home. Did my last review upset her? Had she decided to quit writing and was giving me the heads up before I saw it on the telly box (because obviously that would cause all the TV channels to immediately cut to their news rooms with this utterly devastating, breaking news story). Did she want me to star in the new TV adaptation of the #DIKimStone series? Would I be Kim or Alex? Had Bookouture dropped her and she wanted me to go on a mission to wipe them out? Was she inviting me to lunch? Did she want to adopt me? (And I wonder why my mum calls me dramatic on occasion!)

Obviously it was none of these. It was something far more important and far more sensible and fantastic.

Angie has seen the fundraising I do for MacMillan Cancer Support,  in fact she donated a signed copy of  Play Dead for my last book auction, and she wanted me to help her raise some money! Me! Little old me!

Being such a generous lady, she has decided to auction off the note books in which she wrote the first draft of her new book, Blood Lines. Yes, you read that right, her hand-written note books in which you will find all her thoughts and ideas for the fifth instalment of the DI Kim Stone series!

The winner, the person with the highest bid at 8p.m. on the 4th November will not only receive a signed copy of the new book, they will also have the three note books in which manuscript draft one is hand-written!

This is an absolute dream prize in anyone’s book! (no pun intended!) – I won’t be bidding, nor will my husband as I don’t want anyone thinking I’ve rigged it if I win, but whoever wins this, you better look after it all!!!

You can pop over to the Facebook event we have set up

And start bidding – all money will go straight to MacMillan Cancer Support.

Now, she’s not only my favourite author, she is my favourite lady EVER (sorry mum!)

Off you pop now – get bidding!!!!!

Much love

Em x



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