Flash Fiction – On Reflection

Another brilliant #FlashFiction from Louise Jensen @Fab_fiction

fabricating fiction


Image courtesy of Ceayr

This week I’ve written two stories for Friday Fictioneers from a his and hers point of view. I hope they both stand alone, but I’m posting them together.

Joy’s story

Joy eases off her wedding ring and tosses it into the water, before wiping her eyes and re-joining the party.

How could Ed give her a vacuum cleaner for her 50th birthday, in front of all their friends? Their kids are grown now and she should have known Ed’s promises they would travel would come to nothing. She is sick of waiting.

‘Give this to my husband.’ Joy pushes an envelope into the hands of a passing waiter. By the time Ed reads the goodbye letter she’ll be long gone. As she leaves, she doesn’t notice Ed push through the crowd waving an envelope of his own.

Ed’s Story

Ed pushes through the crowd, envelope…

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