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Random Ramblings – Do you read EVERYTHING you retweet/share?

So a couple of weeks ago I half read a review from one of my fellow bloggers, it was great, a really well written piece on one of my favourite authors’ books. Before I got to the end of this post, one of my millions of kids demanded some attention (I know I know, one day they’ll be gone and I’ll be able to read in peace!! I’m hanging in there!!!) and I didn’t finish reading the post.

But I shared it. Tweeted it. Popped it on Facebook. Liked the various posts. As all good and gracious bloggers do, showing support to our fellow bloggers.

Then, the author in question, who is a friend, got in touch with me later in day about this particular review and was really upset about it. Apparently it started really lovely but the end of the review was less then complimentary.

I felt like shit.

My author friend is fully aware that there will some negative reviews, that some people might not like their book and all that jazz, they aren’t daft, but they were a bit upset about that particular review. It wasn’t anything major, I think an accumulation of things had made this one hit a nerve.

And I’d shared it. I helped spread this negative review which had upset my friend. So then I was upset. I felt terrible.

But then I thought, hang on . . .  You’ve just spent half an hour discussing how everyone is entitled to their own opinions and convincing your friend that one bad-ish review shouldn’t spoil their day so the same should go for me.

I shouldn’t let my views on a book/author determine whether or not I share a review – should I?

I don’t imagine that all my followers agree with my reviews, but they still share them. I don’t think everyone will read every word of every post I put on here because sometimes it just really isn’t possible (if I read every single post on every single blog I follow, I’d never have the chance to read anything else or attend to all my children or my husband or my dragon or clean . . . although that’s not a bad thing actually . . . )

So since that day, I have shared everything, some without reading, because that is the right thing to do. Everyone has the right to their opinion and who am I to decide that a review shouldn’t be shared because it might be negative? That’s the nature of the game.

Good with the bad. Rough with the smooth.

What are your thoughts? Do you read everything? Do you share everything? Do you vet out the negative and only share the positive? I’d love to hear from everyone about this, bloggers, authors, publishers. What are your thoughts? Is there really such a thing as bad publicity?

Let me know in the comments below and have a fantastic day my lovelies.

Em xx


13 thoughts on “Random Ramblings – Do you read EVERYTHING you retweet/share?

  1. Sadly I don’t have time to read them all, I tend to read through ones of books that I have also read or that look interesting. Like you I have shared with out having the chance to read. If I have more time I do tend to skim through them. Luckily the majority of bloggers that I follow and share are very constructive with their feedback so I know they would never be rude or unpleasant about an author. I have come a cross a couple of reviews which I didn’t share for that reason but they are very few and far between and not by people I follow. I’m not sure whether the author is right in contacting you though. Like you said people are entitled to their opinions and all you were doing was helping another blogger out by sharing their posts. x

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    1. It is so hard to read everything isn’t it!

      And, the author didn’t contact me because I’d shared it, sorry – that’s my fault for not explaining properly- they got in touch about the review in general as we are friends and wanted to vent at me x

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      1. Ah right, well that is understandable. Thats why i could never be an author, along with not being able to write lol, is i wouldnt be able to handle negative reviews either. x


  2. Great post! I just started my book blog and I’ve begun sharing others posts but I do find myself only reading fully the ones of books I’ve also read or want to read. I’ve also realized it’s not going to be possible to read them all or I’ll never have time to read my ever growing TBR pile:)


  3. I don’t read every single post but I try to share a few posts daily. If I follow your blog, I would have read a few of your posts so I’d trust if you had something negative to say, you wouldn’t do it in a hateful way so I wouldn’t think twice about sharing… i often mass share in one go then go back and read in detail later. Great post, interesting topic!


  4. Hi Guilty too some blog posts are really long. I just haven’t the time to read them all but shouldn’t it be a balanced view? Not all books are for everyone. It could have been one of my reviews but if it was and I say I don’t think the book is giving what it says on the label. I always say why and always state at the end of the day the review is my opinion and I hope if someone reads the book and loves it to please give a positive review. It has to be honest.


  5. I don’t have time to read every single post in detail before sharing and often skimread (unless it’s a review of a book that I’m excited to read). Guest posts I tend to share without reading unless I’m interested in the book or author. I share to support fellow bloggers and also to spread the word about a book. I do share negative reviews but I would never tag the author in.


  6. I think that because we all read books differently you’ll find lots of readers, who see a book they like the look of, are actually interested in a review that doesn’t find a book to be perfect. I’ve lost count of the number of people I know who go out of their way to read the 3* reviews in preference to glowing 5*’s which are often from family and friends – So don’t feel guilty about not reading everything you share, it is the sharing that is more important to get publicity for all authors.


  7. I do tend to share only if I’ve read the post. And I do usually only share if it’s positive. Everyone is of course entitled to like or not like whatever books they want but I wouldn’t share a negative review. When I blog, I am usually recommending a book I enjoy and I think that’s what my followers would probably expect. So if a blogger is recommending something, even if it’s not my thing, I’ll share. If not, I won’t.


  8. I don’t read every blog post I share. I try to at least skim read some. I don’t read reviews of books I still have to review myself. I don’t have time to read every blog post of every blogger I follow but I try and share as many as I can 🙂


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