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**Blog Tour** Medea’s Curse by Anne Buist @Legend_press


Legend Press (3 Oct. 2016)

I am absolutely delighted to be kicking off the blog tour for Medea’s Curse by Anne Buist – this is a harrowing story and certainly not one for the feint hearted . . .

The blurb . . .

Forensic psychiatrist Natalie King works with victims and perpetrators of violent crime. She rides a Ducati a size too big and wears a tank top a size too small. Likes men but doesn’t want to keep one. And really needs to stay on her medication.
Now she’s being stalked. Could it be a hostile former patient? Or someone connected with a current case?
Natalie doesn’t know. And with another missing child case on her desk, the time for answers is running out.

My thoughts . . .

The new protagonist on the scene is Dr. Natalie King. A forensic psychiatrist who really does not fit in with the typical image you would have of this type of professional. Lead singer in a rock band, Dr. King likes fast motorbikes and even faster men. A little unhinged and extremely head strong, Dr. King is a force to be reckoned with.

She is a brilliant character and I really warmed to her, as I did to Liam (I imagined him as a James Nesbit type which made the scenes with him in all the more interesting!)

King has a case load of private patients, along with those she sees at the local psychiatric hospital and it seems that she attracts all the cases that involve infanticide. And this is where it gets rather emotional for me and rather difficult to follow initially. We had three different woman all accused/convicted of the same thing so trying to keep up who was who was really difficult and I struggled to keep reading at some points. Once I’d left the book and gone to back to it a couple of times though, and I’d probably say about half way through, it all feel into place and I was able to follow it a lot easier. And boy am I glad I did!

This is an emotionally charged and intense book, with a story line not for the feint hearted and although it is based on one of the most horrific crimes I can imagine, Buist deals with it with perfect flair and compassion, it is harrowing but gratuitous in it’s descriptives and it has certainly made me want to read the next instalment.

King looks like she could be the next big thing when it comes to female leaders and I really am glad that I stuck with this one!

I would like Legend Press for sending me an advanced readers copy in exchange for my honest review.

Medea’s Curse was released yesterday and you can get your copy here and be sure to keep following the tour by visiting ForTheNovelLovers tomorrow

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below :-)

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