Flash Fiction – Nowhere to run

As THE biggest Louise Jensen fan in the world I am beyond excited about this Flash Fiction post! It’s only a flipping extract from the hotly anticipated second book, The Gift!

Book two is out on 16th December but Louise has added the pre-order links to this post.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us! I’m so excited!!!

fabricating fiction


Photo courtesy of Amy Reese

Taking a break from editing The Gift to check out this week’s photo prompt I thought it actually fit perfectly with a scene I’ve just written which takes place in a corridor at the top of a stairwell. Please excuse me for not writing something exclusively for FF this week, with my deadline fast looming things are a little fraught!

If I wasn’t so lost in thought I might have heard it. The opening of the communal door. A creaking of the stair. Footsteps quietly creeping up behind me. But as it is, I am completing unaware that I’m not alone as I rummage through my bag for my keys until I inhale sharply in frustration, ready to huff out air, and I smell it.

Stale smoke.

And then it only takes a split second to feel the presence behind me. Breath hot and sour against…

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