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Random Ramblings – “Foul” language in books – Yes or no?

I love watching the TV soap opera Emmerdale. Being a Yorkshire lass it’s my guilty pleasure and I love it, I do however HATE the fact that no one swears. None of them. EVER! Even when the cows escape!

Is that bad of me?

Let me put it into context.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t swear (apart from my mum – who incidentally still tries to ground me when I swear and I’m 33!) Imagine dropping a hammer on your toe – the most natural response is surely “sh*t” and not “upsy-daisy” – isn’t it?

If you found out someone had cheated on you, or tried to kill your dad, or set you up for a crime you didn’t commit, which happens all the time in Emmerdale by the way, surely the occasional “fu*k” or “shi*t” or “bit*ch” would pass your lips?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want every other word to be a swear word but for me personally, I fully expect a crime/psychological thriller or a police procedural to include swear words. It makes it more real, the characters more human and the book as a whole more believable.

But what are your thoughts? Should authors still censor their writing? Would you stop reading an author who did use swear words? Would you stop reading an author who didn’t use swear words? And if a book does contain swear words, should it come with a warning or a rating?

Let me know in the comments below x censorship




9 thoughts on “Random Ramblings – “Foul” language in books – Yes or no?

  1. Hi it does seem part of our everyday language these days. Is it right in books. I think yes in a lot. I wouldn’t expect someone to find a body and say oh dear. Or a DI to shout can you run after that man thank you. Time and place if it is realistic then yes. 😊😊


  2. Definitely should! It’s true to life and therefore more natural. It can also enhance dialogue and punctuate sentences, punchlines, and insults!

    I don’t think I’d stop reading if no-one did; I might not notice, depending on the context and circumstances.

    Going the other way I don’t want it for the sake of it. When I write it, it’s because that’s how someone would express themselves. I don’t avoid it or add it for the sake of it.


    1. Thanks for commenting Danny, great to hear from an actual author on their reasons for including it. I totally agree, I don’t want overly gratuitous swearing but it is necessary in the right context


  3. I feel that swearing is now part of everyday language and I agree when it comes to crime novels and thrillers it is weird when they don’t swear. The book I’m reading right now doesn’t contain swear words that I’ve noticed, the author just writes “he cursed” lol but I am still thoroughly enjoying it, so I guess if a book is good and interesting I’d read it either way, as long as the swear words in it are at the right times or it’s something totally unrealistic such as “Oh Crickey, you’ve killed my mother”. As for the warning I think as long as the book is not classed as a children’s book or YA then it should be ok.


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