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Breaking Dead by Corrie Jackson


twenty7 (21 April 2016)

The blurb …


For fans of Kimberley Chambers and Jessie Keane, this compelling thriller uncovers the dark side of high fashion.

London Fashion Week. When a teenage model is found brutally murdered, journalist Sophie Kent is distraught. She failed to save the girl and now she wants justice.

Determined to catch the murderer, Sophie cuts through the industry’s glittery surface to expose a toxic underworld of drugs, prostitution, blackmail and secrets. Then her personal life threatens to derail everything.

Battling her demons and her wealthy dysfunctional family, Sophie goes head to head with a sadistic killer – a killer who is only just getting started . . .

My thoughts …


Sophie Kent is one of the best characters I have had the pleasure of reading in a long time and knowing that this is the first book about her is just brilliant!

While investigating the murder of a teenage boy in a London estate, Sophie meets Natalia, a young girl who’s in a bit of a bad way. Sophie’s journalistic senses prick up and she knows there is something going on with this young model so she tries to befriend her. A few days later, Sophie receives a text message, follows the instructions and finds Natalie’s dead body in a posh hotel room, leading Sophie to make a promise to herself not to rest until her killer is caught.

This is not your typical crime thriller, it is fresh, bold and brazenly original. Every police procedural fan in the world knows what a hindrance those pesky journalists are to the investigations of our favourite coppers but not now. Now I have a whole lot of respect for them. Jackson has shown us a whole new world and my gosh, what a world it is!

From the first page to the last, Breaking Dead is gritty, nerve-tingling and completely relentless. The pace does not give up at all; it is truly breath-taking! As the story unfolds, we are shown the murky world of modelling, Jackson literally scratches the surface to uncover a world of sex, drugs and murder and discovers that there is literally no one she can trust. Everyone has a secret and there is no second guessing in this book at all!

I love the relationship Sophie has with the police. It’s a really refreshing angle to see the police actually working with a journalist and the journalist actually helping the police too. It has always seemed to me that the two should “work” together but, reading crime books they always seem to clash, most often with negative outcomes for both sides.

Jackson’s writing is easy to follow, the plots are thick and twisted, intelligent and imaginative and Breaking Dead is a perfect example of how to write a debut novel. I cannot wait to see what else she has in store for us!

I’d like to thank the publishers and Net Galley for providing me with a copy in exchange for my honest review.

About the author …

Corrie Jackson has been a journalist for fourteen years and has worked at Harpers Bazaar, The Daily Mail, Grazia and Glamour. After a sunny two-year stint freelancing in Los Angeles, she is now coming to terms with the weather in Surrey, England where she lives with her husband and two children. She is currently working on the second book in the Sophie Kent series.
twitter @corriejacko

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