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** BLOG TOUR ** #bookhangover with Ross Greenwood


I am absolutely over the moon to have Ross Greenwood on my stop of the Lazy Blood blog tour.

Ross’s debut novel has just been re-released  with a shiny new cover from BloodHound Books and boy what a debut it is!

But, as great as the book is Ross, I want to ask a few questions a little different to the ones you are typically asked …

1. Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Ross Greenwood and I’m currently a househusband / author. From my partner’s feedback I am much better at one than the other. My first novel, Lazy Blood, was republished on the 6th September by Bloodhound Books with the follow up due in January. There are some great reviews.

2. What gives you an actual hangover?

Tequila, I have a scar under my chin from a particularly bad one!

3. What TV programme?

I’ve been watching Power on Netflix. Very addictive. As Stephen King said, ‘Kill your darlings’. They do it with aplomb.

4. What film?

Killing Zoe has been my favourite film for a long time. Quentin Tarantino is involved which says a lot, but not many people have heard of it. It has Julie Delpy, Eric Stolz and Gary Kemp in it. It is laugh out loud, mad and violent. Great viewing.

5. What song?

Anything by The Beautiful South. Their songs drag me back to when (quote Billy Joel) ‘I wore a younger man’s clothes.’

6. What food?

A Big Mac. Every time I try something different, Quarterpounder perhaps, I wish I had not been so adventurous.

7. What person/people?

Currently I’m admiring Theresa May. She has an incredible task on her hands, but seems to be determined, enthusiastic, efficient and effective. Time will tell.

8. Finally, which book?

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. It was the first book I read with a magnificent twist that made me put the book down and say wow. There is a twist in Lazy Blood at the end. I hope some readers do the same.

Thanks so much Ross! It’s been great to have you here and I’m off to pop my Beautiful South album on right now because they are pretty great!

You can follow Ross over on his blog at: http://www.rossgreenwoodauthor.com/about-ross

Or follow him on Twitter over at: @greenwoodross

Lazy Blood is out now! Go and grab a copy!!!

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below :-)

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